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It's here - the latest Browser Update Chrome50

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It's here - the latest Browser Update Chrome50

To further enhance the user experience and give developers more control over notifications, Chrome 50 (beta in March 2016) has recently added few more features.

  • Custom icons for notification buttons
    The latest update of Chrome 50 gives you more control personalizing your notification content. It lets you to add custom icons along with the call-to-action buttons (a feature of Chrome 48) to your notifications.
    Many brands have already started benefiting out of this feature. As a quick example, let's consider the below notification

Custom icons in Chrome 50

The custom icons with the call-to-actions is making the notification more appealing which might increase the user-engagement rate as well.

  • Tracking notification closed event
    One of the major reasons for low user-engagement rate that the marketers have been coming across, is the immediate dismissal of their notification by users. Till now it was not possible to analyse why and when any user is closing the notification - Does the user close it after reading through the message or dismisses it at the very first glance? Is this behaviour dependent on the particular device being used by the user?
    This new feature of Chrome 50 helps gives provides you a better insight of user-behaviour with respect to the notification close event. Now, with notificationclick and notificationclose event you can understand the interaction between your users and your notification.
  • Re-Notify experience when a notification replaces the currently displayed notification
    As a marketer your focus should be nothing else, but creating delightful experiences for your users. No marketer would ever want to create an annoying experience for their user and make them walk away from your brand.
    For this you must understand that it gets very frustrating when the user gets a vibrate or an audible alert in case of any renotification.
    To help you overcome this, Chrome 50 has extended support allowing developers to replace an existing notification by reusing the ‘tag’ attribute on a new notification object. All you need to do is to opt in to “re-notifying” the user.

  • Timestamp Modification to create a consistent experience
    Imagine you have pushed a notification-'your flight number XXXX is rescheduled for 7 am'. Though, you might had have had pushed the message at the right time, but it got delayed as the user's device was offline. Now, if the use finally receives the same message with a timestamp of 8 am, it surely shakes their trust towards you. The new feature will allow developers to manage the timestamp that should ideally appear on the notification, irrespective of the time of the user when they receiving it.

 latest trends in push notifications

latest trends in push notifications

To further understand the specifications of these features, you can  check https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/03/notifications?hl=en

Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma, the Product Marketer at iZooto is an Art Lover & Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of travelling the world someday, all by herself. To connect with her, follow her on Twitter: @Sh_ruchika

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