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Why Facebook Is Too Big to Ignore for Your Ecommerce Store

Many eCommerce businesses are struggling to get traffic to their store. They really want to get traffic and customers but they don't know how to go about attracting visitors. If you search online, you get bombarded with many strategies and you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you can feel hopeless and helpless, but, you shouldn't. Why? Because there's thousands of businesses out there that have figured out how to sell. 

It is not out of pure luck that some businesses have figured out how to sell. Many will tell you that they prioritized their marketing. Also, they only focus on marketing channels that produce. So, what are some of the top producing channels for eCommerce right now? They are

These are the channels that many eCommerce stores are looking for growth. In this post, we are going to be looking at only one of these channels. We are going to be looking at Social Media and specifically Facebook. Facebook is a very versatile marketing channel. If you use Facebook for Ecommerce correctly, it will help you market and cross-promote in all the above mentioned channels.

Why is Facebook for Ecommerce this effective? Because using Facebook, you can:

  1. Create campaigns to help you collect emails
  2. Create campaigns to bring traffic to your store
  3. Sell directly to your customers from Facebook
  4. Create ads attracting customers to your brand
  5. Have customers refer you to their friends on Facebook
  6. Promote your content in Facebook
  7. Use Facebook to get mentions
  8. Use Facebook to build links to your store
  9. And so much more

Don't wait until it is too late to promote your business using Facebook. Facebook is too big to ignore for your business. Below, you will see an infographic showing you the many reasons why should not miss out on Facebook. The infographic is from OSI Affiliate’s Shopify Facebook Advertising Guide. Even though the guide focuses on Shopify customers, you can still follow the steps to set up Facebook for your store. Check out the infographic below and discover how Facebook will make a big impact on your business.

Facebook for Ecommerce infographic

Robert Kilonzo
Robert Kilonzo
Robert Kilonzo is the Business Development Manager for OSI Affiliate Software. OSI Affiliate Software makes it easy for any business to create a referral program. Robert is also the host of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast.

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