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I’m Subscribed To My Website Push Notifications, Yet Not Receiving Any

If your website is on HTTP and you are not receiving any website push notifications which you are pushing on the daily basis, you might think the notification delivery has failed, but you are able to see the substantial number of clicks on the panel for the same notification. Although, you have already given consent,  you still do not see the allow/ block prompt even when you revisit multiple times.

Reason behind not receiving Website Push Notifications:

In case of HTTP websites, the service worker is registered on a HTTPS subdomain for sending website push notifications. Whenever you clear your website's cookies, the registration automatically gets erased. Ideally you should receive the prompt. But since you have already given consent to the HTTPS subdomain, the prompt will not reappear.

How To Fix This:

Step 1: Clearing the cookies and browsing data for your website.

Website Push Notifications

Go to the browser settings→ Search for ‘notification’ in the search box

Click on content setting→ All Cookies and Site data → Search for the website name→ Remove all shown → Done

Website Push Notifications

Step 2: Removing the permission

Once your have completed the first step. Stay on the same page and scroll down to find ‘Notifications’ → Manage Exception → Find your website name and remove the permission.

Website Push Notifications

Once you have completed both the steps you will automatically see the prompt on your website.

Website Push Notifications

Step 3: Running the script:

If the above method doesn’t seem to be working, then run this script in your browser console: _izooto.getBrowserKeyFromToken(_izooto.getStorage('iztoken'));

Website Push NotificationsOnce you receive the output mentioned in the image above. Please share it with us.

If you have any other doubts, feel free to talk to us on the chat :)

Priyanka Thapa
Priyanka Thapa
Priyanka Thapa is a Customer Success Manager at iZooto

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