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Reduce your dependency on Facebook and Google. Build and Engage Your Audience.

You can now drive audience loyalty, repeat visits and revenue using iZooto.

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Take Charge Of Your Audience 

Convert your site visitors in to push notification subscribes and grow your audience. Take control of your audience back from Facebook and Google. Set up a direct channel of communication with your true fans.


Build Your Audience


It takes efforts to drive users on your website, so once they are there - Cash it! Convert your website visitors to your web push notification subscribers and engage them directly. Also reduce your customer acquisition cost.



Understand Them Better


Your audience is similar, yet distinct. Understand it to make your outreach contextual. Segment your audience according to their behavior on your website, track where they come from, and understand how your notification campaigns have been working for them.


Keep Your Audience Engaged


Your audience is interested in what you have for them. Reach out to them with personalized and contextual notifications at the right time. Drive them back to your website, and increase their Life Time Value.



Start Engaging Your Audience With Web Push Notifications


Convert your website visitors to your audience, build a direct connection with them, and drive them back to your website.


Engage Your Audience To Drive Repeat Traffic

Reach out to your audience in real-time, even when they are not on your website and bring them back to your website. Grab your audience's attention with the right messages at the right time.




Time It Right

Your outreach needs to get attention of your audience. Reach out to your audience at a time that is best to trigger a response, schedule your notifications, and reach your audience according to their local time.

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Stay Contextual

Your audience behaves a certain way on your website, which reflects their preferences. Track their behavior, segment, and notify them with the content they like or trigger them to complete the task they just abandoned.

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Integrate With Your Favorite Platforms In Just 1 Click

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