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Depend Less On
Facebook and Google

Engage your users with relevant conversations across channels.
Reach them, wherever they are.


Web Push Notifications

Bring website visitors back on your site with highly contextual website push notifications.


App Push Notifications

Win your users undivided attention through targeted app push notifications. 


Messenger Notifications

Reach out users who have an interest in your brand with messenger push notifications.

Why iZooto Is The Right Push Notification Platform  For You 


Generic Push
Notification Platforms

Generic push notification platforms sell to e-Commerce, Fintech, travel - all categories but not publishers. Inevitable that they don't build or design for publishers. They just "sell" to publishers.

  • Publishers are forced to buy Enterprise plans to use select features

  • Not built to support the scale and speed at which media businesses operate

  • Their product roadmap never aligns to publishers' needs - audience engagement

  • Priced exorbitantly and forcing publishers to compromise on usability



Publisher First Marketing Automation Platform

iZooto is designed and built for editors and audience managers. The objective is simple - reduce publishers' dependency on Facebook and Google.

  • Engage with new content and retarget with content recommendations. iZooto lifts engagement by 30%   

  • Flexible Pricing helps Publishers do both engagements as well as audience Monetization - Not just with ads but also with subscriptions

  • Better aligned with publishers business models


"iZooto is an effective way to reach users outside of social media and email."

Bruce Potter, Chief Operating Officer - InsideNoVa


Plans Designed To Suit Your Businesses Needs


Fuel in incremental revenue

Monetize your audience with web push notification ads

Earn while you engage with your audience, without competing with any of your existing revenue channels. We are partnered with popular demand partners such as Taboola and Outbrain to serve your audience with relevant native ads on web push notifications.



Engage and retain like never before

Specially crafted for publishers to drive engagement and build a loyal audience

Segment, target, and put everything on autopilot. Get access to powerful Playbooks including Recover Abandoned Tabs and Increase Video Watch Time, to bring users back to your website. Take charge and grow your own audience, boost return traffic and increase page views just like that. 



Personalized white glove service 

Tailored for media houses to run the show flawlessly

Get the best of the best features which include the Content Recommendation Playbook, and segmentation based on Interests, powered by Kepler AI. Get a dedicated customer support manager who will guide you throughout the journey to ensure you get the best out of iZooto to achieve your goals.


Already Using Push Notifications? Switch to iZooto

Migration to iZooto is easy, straightforward and fast. Our dedicated onboarding team ensures that you don't lose your audience and can kickstart your campaigns on iZooto real quick.