Ayurveda With A Twist - How AKIVA Is Bringing Ayurveda to Millennials 

Despite the never-ending benefits of Ayurveda, the idea of consuming its products still makes one cringe. AKIVA, with it's tastiest versions of Indian health recipe and innovative packaging, is winning hearts of the millennials and making it part of their daily lives. Here is their journey of making a 4000-year-old Indian system of medicine to something really cool.

In Ayurveda, good health is defined as the balance between the body, mind, spirit, and social well being. But the kind of food we indulge in these days is messing up the functioning of our body. We are so used to eating unhealthy that detoxing is not an option anymore to lead a healthy lifestyle. But almost everything in the market related to Ayurveda is so unappealing that you don't even want to give it a try; the products that are out in the market today, scream unattractive. 

AKIVA went to the root of the problem and unearthed a solution for people to embrace Ayurveda. They identified two major challenges that make millennials shun away from Ayurveda. Then they conceptualized and produced products that not only looked irresistible but also pleased the taste buds. AKIVA's every dose of Ayurveda comes in small test tubes, tempting one to take a 'shot'. Their packaging is so out-of-the-box that you want to give it a try just for the sake of it!

Neha Gupta, Brand marketer, of AKIVA reveals their story behind building a successful brand that blends seemingly with the millennials. She explains how to scale the brand, the kind of marketing you need to look at, and why you need to be fearless when it comes to experimentation, taking the product to the market and listening to customer feedback. A brand that started off with just 2 products now sells a variety of shots and healthy candies, that make people drool for more. From a brand of option, they have now become a brand of choice. 

P.S. They have recently changed their brand name from KIVA to AKIVA.

Time-Stamped Key Notes


00:23 - Neha's Journey from her own business to the FMCG industry

01:12 - How to build a successful brand?

03:42 - Why Neha choose AKIVA, when she had a plethora of options 

06:30 - Two striking things that makes AKIVA stand out of the clutter

08:36 - Moving towards a sales driven to a purpose driven brand 

11:00 - Secret sauce that helped them retail over 60,000 shots per month

12:30 - Moving to an Ayurveda only brand to a broader spectrum of healthy food products

13:37 - Word of caution to the entrepreneur taking the leap in the health and beverage industry





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Neha Gupta- Kiva life-  The impatient marketer speaker


Neha Gupta

Neha currently heads marketing for the upcoming startup AKIVA. Having studied marketing and worked in a variety of industries (fashion, furniture and now FMCG), she has spent the last 10 years gaining a very deep consumer insight and using that to build brand and promotional strategies for different companies. 

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AKIVA is a brand with a mission to develop creative, delightful and healthy snacking and supplements or the urban Indian consumer. Launched in 2016, AKIVA's flagship Ayurvedic Shots offered familiar herbs like Cinnamon or Turmeric in tasty combinations and unique test tube packaging and quickly went viral. They were followed by Fusion Jaggery Cubes (the humble "gur" fused with modern flavors like dark chocolate and coconut shavings) and recently, Chyawanprash Squeezys.

AKIVA products currently retail on www.kivalife.in, Amazon and in most major modern trade outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They are also present in select premium hotels like The Oberoi in Gurgaon and the Mariott in Hyderabad.

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