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6 million people in the UK dedicatedly tune in to at least one podcast every week. And it has only doubled over the past five years. Podcasts have become a part and parcel of our daily lives, be it while commuting, going for a jog or simply lazing around on a sunday afternoon.

“The great thing about podcasting, even beyond radio, is the way you listen. Some people listen to radio with earbuds on, but everyone listens to podcasts that way. So it becomes a really personal, intimate experience.” Maria Tremonti, host of the podcast More with Anna Maria

The audio medium has been on high. It has come a long way from when Apple started off with its podcasting platform. Now there are so many podcasts like fishes in the ocean, that it becomes tricky subscribing to the best of the best out there. Well, we did the homework for you so that you don’t have to. Here are 21 podcasts that you need to tune into as a marketer to start taking inspiration, be part of caffeinated conversations and start acting on actionable insights.

21 best marketing podcasts that will make you
think out of the box

Digiday Podcast

The Digiday podcast won the Best B2B Podcast award at the Publisher Podcast Awards. The guests mostly are experts from media, advertising and publishing. They come out with new episodes every week helping brands, agencies and publishers work smarter.

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Behind The Numbers

This podcast is by the eMarketer where they discuss topics on digital media and marketing. Marcus Johnson is the host and creator of the Behind the numbers podcast. It has a listenership of close to 20,000 people a month and continues to grow.

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Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

This podcast is by Adweek. They talk about creativity, advertising, marketing, media and technology. Tune in for up to date information and get actionable insights.

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The Science of Social Media

This podcast is by Buffer that has more than 25,000+ weekly listeners. They dive into marketing strategies to help you grow your business with social media.

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Podcast Advertising Playbook

If you are planning on starting a podcast or already have one, this is a podcast you should definitely subscribe to. This podcast is hosted by Heather Osgood. He shares techniques for implementing your ad campaigns and setting your budgets and much more.

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The business of content

The podcast is hosted by Simon Owens, who is a tech and media journalist. He majorly covers what publishers should do to create, publish, and distribute content to monetize better. He comes up with a new episode every one to two weeks. A typical episode runs for about 35 mins to an hour.

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Recode Media

Peter Kafka hosts this podcast and has talks about media, entertainment, and technology Peter is one of the media industry's most acclaimed reporters. He brings in business tycoons, journalists, and other hosts and digs into their minds. It is produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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The Big Story

This is a weekly podcast hosted by managing editor Ryan Joe of AdExchanger. The podcast has a roundtable discussion on a pressing recent story. They talk about development in the digital space, the media industry and how it affects us as a whole.

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The MadTech Podcast

The MadTech podcast brings in a special guest each week and they discuss what is new in adtech and martech. This podcast is by the team at ExchangeWire.

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Voices Of Search

This podcast takes you on an SEO trip. Searchmetrics’ CEO Jordan Koene hosts this podcast, where he talks about content, and search engine marketing. Get actionable insights tht you can try out right away.

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Marketing Scoop

Marketing scoop is hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis. This podcast covers the latest news in marketing and talks about how you can make the most of it for your business. They interview industry experts from SEO to content marketing, giving one amazing insight.

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North Star Podcast

The North Star podcast is hosted by David Perell. He talks about ideas and strategies for success. One of his recent podcasts has Seth Godin as the guest who talks about the importance of writing everyday.

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TechieBytes is hosted by Jeff Weinstein, who is a marketer, blogger, entrepreneur and tech guy. Every Thursday a new episode is released which has guests that are founders, CEO’s journalists from across the tech industry. They talk about the pressing issues in the industry.

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Search Off The Record

The search off the record is by the team at Google. It gives you a sneak peek at what’s cooking in Google Search. They reveal what happened behind the scene, the decision-making, feature prioritization, and the upcoming projects. They also give you a glimpse into what is currently trending in SEO. It is informational and fun with stories that will keep you glued.

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State of Digital Publishing (SODP)

This podcast is hosted by Vahe Arabian, who is the founder of SODP. He brings in industry leaders and talks about different playbooks and the current trends. They aim to educate the audience to create sustainable audience development and growth.

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Own Thy Audience

This podcast is hosted by the team at iZooto. They talk about what really is important for publishers - to own their audience. They bring in industry experts and leaders to educate the audience and guide them through the path publishers should follow. In this podcast, they try to address challenges that editors, marketers, and product managers face.

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Perpetual Traffic

The perpetual traffic podcast is produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell. They share strategies to increase traffic through paid ads. The
Perpetual Traffic combines the paid traffic strategies developed at DigitalMarketer with the real-life agency experience of Tier 11.

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This Old Marketing

The ‘This old marketing’ podcast is hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. They talk about the latest content, media and marketing trends. The episodes are usually an hour long.

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Social Media Marketing Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. He helps businesses ramp up their social media efforts by inviting experts from leading social media businesses. Learn tactics you need to give a shot. He also shares different tools and plugins to try out.

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Advertising is dead

This podcast is hated by Varun Duggirala, co-founder and content chief at The Glitch. He takes an episode live every Tuesday. He talks about changes and development in advertising, branding, content media and challenges marketers face.

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The Paid Search Podcast

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Google AdWords experts and Google Partners Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman. They discuss Google ads, online marketing and share tips on how you can make the most out of advertising. New episodes every Monday.

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Subscribe and start learning

If you are new to podcasts, this is the right place to find the list you need to tune in to. Start subscribing and make the most of what's out there. For those of you who are already subscribed to podcasts you know how insightful and beneficial it is! Start subscribing to the ones mentioned above and let us know what you think.

Are you subscribed to a podcast that you simply love? Share us the names in the chat and we will be more than happy to include it in our list if it cuts the criteria - good dope for marketers.


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