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7 Best AI Writing Software for Newsrooms with Free Trial

Originally published on Apr 19, 2022

Last updated on Apr 19, 2022

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7 Best AI Writing Software for Newsrooms with Free Trial

Suffering from writer’s block? Running short of time to deliver an article? Need help with research and data collection? Need a catchy headline? Only if writing could be automated…

But wait, it’s possible!

By now you must have heard the term ‘AI Writing Software’ somewhere. It’s an Artificial Intelligence-based tool. AI, today, is being used by large companies like Google, Meta, and even small startups to enhance customer experience. Artificial Intelligence is simply making a machine solve human problems. Machines are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions through experience and observations. Astonishing, right?

AI writing tools are now being popularly used by writers across the globe in mainstream media like The New York Times, BBC News, The Washington Post and Yahoo! Sports already. It is rapidly becoming the new norm for journalists. The Press Association, for example, produces 30,000 local news stories a month solely using AI.

AI can make your work easy as a news editor or blogger. They help with content generation, ideation, proofreading, and even with the tone and style of the content.

You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a human-written and AI-written piece as these tools are free from any robotic expressions and their words read completely like human-written content does. Moreover, they’re faster and cost-efficient.

How does AI Writing work?

In simple words, AI writing software uses technologies like deep learning that culls through millions of existing writing samples in its database and tries to imitate the patterns and processes of the human brain. Then, with the help of natural language processing, language is generated in a way humans generally write- carefully analyzing the vocabulary, the formats, the structure, and even the tone. The data is then converted into text.

Advantages of using AI Writers

  • Easily generate content in multiple formats
  • Save time and effort
  • Be more productive by utilizing your time on more important tasks
  • Help in generating new ideas
  • SEO Optimized Content helps you rank higher on Google Results Page.

How to use an AI Writing Software

Most AI Writers ask you to write a headline, keywords, or a short description of the article or content piece you want. That’s all. You just have to choose the right content format and add a suitable description of what you want to write about and you’re good to go.

Most Popular AI Writing Tools for Newsrooms

So here are the best AI Writing Tools that can help you write news articles, blogs, and even social media copies quickly and easily. This also includes some of the free AI copywriting tools that offer a free trial.

AI Writer

AI Writer Copywriting ToolAI Writer is one of the most popular and top-rated AI Writing Tool that can help you generate complete articles from just a simple headline or improve existing articles. The generated text is relevant and SEO-friendly. What’s more, you can even publish the content directly to WordPress. The content is absolutely original and you get a list of citations that you can freely use when you publish the article.

Here is a list of services provided by AI Writer-

  • Researching and Writing Articles
  • Text Rewording or paraphrasing
  • Citations and Sources
  • SEO Editor


Their pricing varies depending on your business needs. AI Writer offers a one-week free trial. After that, you can choose the basic plan meant for small businesses and individual bloggers for $29 which lets you publish up to 40 articles per month, or the standard plan for $59 which allows you to publish 150 articles per month, and if you’re a huge company, they have the power plan for $375 which lets you publish a thousand articles per month. For more details, refer to the image below.

AI Writer Pricing


Wordsmith is an amazing natural language processing tool for creating insightful narratives from data almost instantly. Wordsmith converts your data into productive narratives via its millisecond-fast API, which can update and publish your content very quickly. It is a reliable tool that is currently being used by top firms around the world including Yahoo and Associated Press. It can be used by firms across multiple industries like healthcare, financial services, sports, entertainment, media, and communications.

Newsrooms can use Natural language Processing to generate unique and targeted content that reaches their audience in real-time. One of the best features of Wordsmith is that the content can be published anywhere directly. Other features include real-time analysis, full customizability, and easy scalability.



Wordsmith offers a custom pricing option according to your requirements, industry, etc, so you will have to contact them for a demo. You also get a 14-day free trial for Wordsmith.


Peppertype is an AI writing tool by Pepper Content, a Content Marketplace. Peppertype provides various content generation formats including blog outlines, article beginning, conclusion, and meta descriptions. This tool is a gem for writers generally. However, News Editors can use this tool to rewrite and expand content, create interesting articles, come up with attractive headlines, and much more.

Peppertype Formats


Peppertype offers a free trial of up to 10,000 words. After that, you can go for either of these pricing plans below.

Peppertype Pricing


An extremely useful AI Writing Tool for newsrooms, Connexun can help you source real-time multilingual headlines, articles & dynamic summaries from tens of thousands of open web sources. It aggregates multiple articles from various sources and automatically generates a summary. This can save a great amount of time and effort for you in understanding and generating original news content.

They have an artificial intelligence engine, B.I.R.B.A.L. that goes through a database consisting of over a million articles in different languages and then applies Natural Language Processing to generate good quality results.


They offer a free plan that lets you send 33 article requests per day. This is a good way to get the hang of the product. Once you’re comfortable, you can choose a plan that suits your requirements.

Connexun Pricing

Article Forge

You can create completely unique, SEO optimized, high-quality articles on Article Forge with their advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. All you have to do is enter your keywords, optional sub-keywords, article length, and any additional requirements that you may have and your content will be ready in 60 seconds.

One unique specialty of Article Forge is that it can generate bulk content in one go using the same keywords so that you don’t have to repeat the same tasks. It can also help you create SEO-optimized content in multiple languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


They offer a free five-day trial plus a 30-day moneyback guarantee if you don’t find the product up to your expectations if you publish less than 10 articles. They have two pricing plans- standard (250,000 words) and unlimited.

Article Forge Pricing


Jasper, previously known as Jarvis is an AI-powered copywriting tool. With Jasper, you can easily create high-quality short-form and long-form content with 50+ content creation formats in 25+ different languages. You can also get suggestions for interesting content ideas.

One of its most unique features is Pattern Recognition. It identifies patterns in your writing and tries to create human-quality content as well by matching your writing persona.


They offer two pricing models- a starter plan for $29 per month for short-form content and a boss mode for long-form content formats priced at $99 per month. They also offer a 100% no-risk moneyback guarantee like Article Forge.

Jasper AI pricing

LongShot AI

LongShot is an end to end platform to research, generate, and optimize long form content. It is a one of the best AI Writing Software for Newsrooms. It can help them create SEO-friendly content. LongShot offers 30+ use-cases for writers to create content from, including Text Extender, Headline, Blog Insights, Fact Check, Marketing Copy, Blog Description, and much more.


They offer a free version that offers up to 10 free credits per day along with a topic research option. To access all the features you would have to choose the Pro or Enterprise pricing. Refer to the image below.

LongShot Pricing

Not sure which one to choose? Check out the comparison table

These seven Ai writing software for newsrooms have their unique set of features that make them one of the best choices for AI copywriting. According to your requirements and your budget, you can make the final decision. Although, do experiment with AI copywriting tools free trial. Sadly, there’s no completely free AI copywriting tool, but there are several that offer free trials for a few days.

We have summarized the pricing and unique features of these AI writing software in the table below.

AI Writing Tool

Free Trial

Minimum Pricing Model

AI Writer


$29 per month


14 days

Contact for Demo


Up to 10,000 words

$25 per month


33 free requests per day

$55 per month

Article Forge

For 5 days

$27 per month


5-day up to 10000 words

$29 per month


10 free credits per day

$29.90 per month


The question arises in a lot of minds in today’s AI-driven world. Can AI Writing Replace Humans?

While AI writers are slowly becoming the norm for content writers, editors, and journalists to improve the scalability, fact-finding, and keyword churning part of the article writing process. But AI is far from completely replicating the human touch in writing. AI cannot seem to match the unique storytelling technique that humans are gifted with.

Also, journalism is a field that requires a tremendous amount of fact-finding or fact-checking. Hence, journalists cannot solely depend on AI writing.

However, AI can still be utilized by newsrooms as they are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to speed up the writing process. AI writing tools like the ones listed above can help newsrooms save time, and improve their content and website traffic.

Want to know more about AI-writing in Digital Newsrooms? We recently hosted a superhit webinar with Ankur Pandey (Co-founder, LongShot AI) about whether AI is the Editor's assistant or replacement? Click here to get FREE access to the AI writing webinar.


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