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Now Live: A Fresh Way to Work With Your Subscription Prompt

Last updated on Feb 10, 2021

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Now Live: A Fresh Way to Work With Your Subscription Prompt

Web push notification is a permission-based medium and you can use Subscription Prompt to get this permission from your website visitors. With iZooto you can customize and send the Subscription and GDPR Compliance Prompts to ensure that your visitors share all the required permissions.

This update adds to the ease of working with these prompts. The new workflow removes the hassle of jumping from one screen to another and delivers a super smooth experience when it comes to setting up these prompts or customizing and comparing them to create the best experience for your visitors. 

Here is all that has changed:

  • Compare the Customized Prompt Designs: Not any prompt design can work for your website and audience. Also activating any design and going back to your website to check how it looks is not a feasible idea. The updated interface of the Modify Subscription Prompt section ensures that you are able to efficiently compare the prompt designs as you customize its content and appearance of your prompt and nail the game with your best card.
  • Schedule your Prompts independently: Your prompt timing needs to be modified according to your website's content. In some cases, it could be a better idea to show the prompt the moment a visitor lands on your website, while in some cases showing the prompt after a couple of seconds could be a better approach. With iZooto you can time the first and repeat prompt, your visitors will receive. You can repeat your prompts and send them for both the cases if the visitor has dismissed the first prompt or has clicked on the "Later" button. The prompt timings can set independently for both Mobile and Desktop devices and even for GDPR Compliance prompt.
  • Preview before you Publish: Make sure your prompt looks like you want it to before it goes live. Now as you customize the content and appearance of your prompt and preview it parallelly on the right side of your panel screen. You can also see a full-screen preview for all the prompt designs.

This is how the new interface works:


The update is now live on iZooto and you can learn more about how the Subscription Prompt and GDPR Compliance Prompt work.

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