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Create A Conversion Driving About Us Page (For E-commerce Stores)

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Create A Conversion Driving About Us Page (For E-commerce Stores)

When you start off with a new store, you might get caught in a whirlpool and end up being just ‘another store’ in this noisy e-commerce realm. To stand out, you will need more than just an attractive e-commerce store and amazing products. Read on to know how an About Us page can help you build trust to get cash flowing.

In 2009, Joshua Glenn and journalist Rob Walker started a social experiment called ‘Significant Object Products’ to see if stories can transform ‘insignificant objects to significant ones’. They started off by buying products from thrift shops at a dollar or two, and got 150 writers to write personal stories for each product rather than generic product descriptions, and then sold it on eBay to the highest bidder.

The result was astonishing; they sold $128.74 worth of thrift-store junk for $3,612.51. ‘Figurine of 14th Century icon, Saint Vralkomir of Dnobst’ whose original eBay price was $3, was sold for $193. You can read the story crafted for it here. That's how impactful stories are when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions.

The power of a story

fMRI studies show that storytelling engages the entire brain wherein factual information only activate 2 regions of the brain. Due to this, stories help connect emotionally and triggers a reaction.

jennifer aaker quote on brand stories

In an age when you are competing with e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, your brand story can be a differentiator.

About Us page and why you need it

As absurd as it might sound at first, every e-commerce store needs an About Us page, especially if you are a new store. You need to give users a reason to opt your store over others.

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About Us page gives you an opportunity to emotionally bind the users with your story, to subtly boast about your achievements, and direct users to category pages by adding CTAs. Though it seems as one of the easiest pages to compile, strangely, talking about yourself can actually turn out to be a challenge (one the main reason why people don’t end up having About Us pages).

Some important points that will motivate you to create one-

  • Helps put a face to the store
  • An opportunity to connect with the audience with your story
  • Helps set the right tone as your target audience
  • Builds trust which persuades users to convert
  • Helps fight the SEO battle (add keywords and link to product pages)

The best About Us pages are conversational in nature.  The trick is grasping the language to make users feel a sense of belonging. For eg- if your store targets millennials, keep the tone casual, use the words that they use while talking. This helps evoke familiarity and build a bond. An About Us page, if not directly make users click on the buy button, it definitely assists in conversions.

The potential of an About Us page

How many times has it happened that you visit a new store and then end up on their About Us page? Well, that happens to me every single time I visit a niche boutique store. And to tell you the truth there have been instances wherein it influenced me to convert.

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So it didn’t come to me as a surprise when I found out that 52% of users visit the About Us page before doing anything else. Which means it the second most visited page after the homepage. What’s more! Users spend an average of 22.5% more, once they read the About Us page!

Blue Acorn conducted a research wherein they observed the behavior of the users who visited the About Us page and those who didn’t. Here is the what they found out. The difference is evident.

about us page impact and statSource: Blueacorn

Here is one more, just in case you are not convinced yet - A case study of Evogear shows that About Us pages help you increase your sales. Evogear realized the potential of an About Us page and paused their efforts on improving the product pages that converted, and put all their brute force behind making an amazing About Us page. This shift worked out for them exceptionally well, as they saw that people who visited the About Us page converted at a 30% higher rate than users who do not visit.

Creating an About Us page that converts

Having an About Us page is one thing, but having an outstanding About Us page is another. The former might not make any difference to your revenue, while the latter has the potential to substantially increase sales.

So what does it take to rise above the generic?

More power to you- Tell them your story

While there are many things that could be similar to what's already there out there, your story is not one of them. Every story is unique and you need to showcase it in the best possible way. First and foremost, be downright honest; it naturally connects to the users. Here are things you can cover in your story-

What motivated you to start your business?

Was it your passion for making a dent in the apparel industry? Was it because you mom saw a business acumen in you? or was it to save the environment by making recyclable products? It could be anything!

Supergoop, beautifully narrates how Holly started off with her business. You can check out their About Us page here.

about us page ecommerce

You could include a timeline

Not a man of words? Timelines will do the trick for you. You get to tell your story as well as make the page look visually appealing. Here is an interesting timeline used by Johnny Cupcakes which covers their entire journey, chapter wise, in detail. It is beautifully designed and will make you go ‘Woah’! You can have a look at their About us page here. about us page ecommerce

Talk about the people behind the scenes

It's not just the CEO, but your core team can be included as well. Let users know who they are buying from. Your team could write something about themselves, and not just stick to what is it that they exactly do in the company. Poter Road's has done a  wonderful job in familiarizing the team with their users. Check out their About Us page here.

about us page ecommerce

Show rather than tell  

Photos speak more than a thousand words, and videos even more. Both combined with an amazing copy, help create a wonderful experience. You could tell your story in a video, or show the CEO’s note to the customers or it could even be a product video on how the product can be used. Customers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. That's how effective videos are!

Yoloha shows their story in a video. You can have a look at Yoloha’s About Us page here

about us page ecommerce

How are the products made?

Show users what goes into the products that you sell and how it can be beneficial for them. They have the right to know the kind of products they buy. If it is something that might impress the users, then why not mention it on the About Us page?

100% Pure takes full advantage of this and beautifully displays what the products are made of. They illustrate is so well, that you actually want to try it out. You can have a look their About Us page here.

about us page ecommerce

This is just a glimpse, they go ahead and explain it in detail the testing process that the products go through, the quality they maintain and so on. An About Us page you definitely need to go through for inspiration.

What problem or desire does your product solve?

Users are usually on a lookout for a solution to their problem. Once they land on your site, you need to specifically tell them what is that you can do to solve their problem. Are you making portable mugs so they get to have their morning coffee on the go, or do you make custom fit jeans so that they no longer have to struggle to find the right size? You need to put it out there for them to know you better and how it is something that they always wanted.

Training Mask shows 5 benefits of using their product and then goes ahead and explains them. You can have a look at their About Us page here.

about us page ecommerce

Why should they trust you?

All said and done, you’ll need some backing up from some external source. The About Us page need not seem like a monologue. A hint of bragging would do no harm. Not only does this help build trust, but boosts credibility as well.

Add testimonials

By adding a testimonial you are actually selling not the product but the experience and the value they can get out of it. Get in touch with your customers, ask them to share their experience shopping with you, how they like your products and so on. Idiosyncratic voices help build authenticity. Make sure that you add the photographs of the customers to place credibility to the dialogue. A good testimonial can nudge users to try out your product. Read this great piece on how to put on a more authentic face to your brand and your customer testimonials.

Share awards and milestones

About Us pages are an amazing place to show off your achievements and wins. This might not lead to a direct sale but helps in bestowing trust upon you. If you have been featured on some news story make sure that you mention that as well.

Redbaby, apart from showing their wins, also mentions that it has been voted the highest-rated pram in Australia. You can have a look at their About Us page here.  

about us page ecommerce

Add Call To Action buttons

CTA buttons act as a clickbait when on an About Us page. Since they would be already sold on your story, it becomes easier to take users to a page that converts. Here are two CTA buttons you can make use of-

Popular products

Direct users to the best-sold product page or other important pages that you have from the About Us page. You need to hold their hand and encourage them to make a purchase.

Social Buttons

Try building your social presence. If not converting on your store, to start with, encourage them to follow you on social media.

Few other About Us pages for Inspiration

Harry’sabout us page ecommerce


about us page ecommerce


about us page ecommerce


about us page ecommerce

ModClothabout us page ecommerce

Burt’s Bees

about us page ecommerce

Wool And Oak

about us page ecommerce

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

about us page ecommerce

Bombay Shaving Company

about us page ecommerce

About Us pages help in communicating with the users in a way that your products or product descriptions might be able to. It is an emotional experience you take the users through, connecting with them with each scroll that they make. Build a bond, gain their trust and get those dollars rolling!

Do you know any other e-commerce store that has an interesting About Us page? Let us know in the comments below!

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