Best 8 WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site

Last updated on Feb 06, 2024

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Best 8 WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site

Running a news website is a big deal, and gaining trust from your readers takes a long time. But here's the thing: all that trust and credibility you've built can be at risk if your website isn't secure. 

Especially, if you’re running a WordPress website, you should be extra careful about its security as WordPress is the victim of 90,000 attacks per minute, on average. This is because WordPress is one of the most vulnerable CMS today. But why? Outdated plugins are actually responsible for 52% of vulnerabilities in WordPress. 

Not only this, the average cost of a data breach is 4.45 million dollars. So apart from damaging your reputation, an unsecured website can also cost you your hard-earned money to repair the damage. Hence, just like you focus on creating good content for your website, paying attention to keeping it safe is crucial. 

We can now say that In today's online world, where information is everything, securing your news website isn't just an advantage; it's a necessity. To make your work easy, we’ve shortlisted the top WordPress security plugins to help protect your news site from hackers. 

Why Should Publishers Use a Security Plugin for WordPress?

First, let’s understand why publishers need to use WordPress Security Plugins. Some of the consequences of lapsed security are as follows:

  1. Malware Attacks: An unprotected website can become the target of malware attacks. These attacks can cause changes in website appearance creating problems for viewers. It can also divert visitors from your website to other malicious websites, resulting in lost traffic and trust.
  2. Ransom Attack: Getting locked out of your website is not something you would want. However, if you do not protect your website ransom attacks can lock all your files and data and encrypt it making it inaccessible for you. Hackers ask for a ransom to give access back.
  3. Website Defacement: A publisher’s website is their digital identity through which they are recognised by their readers. Website defacement leaves traces in the form of malicious images, comments and spammy content.This lowers your organic reach and can also negatively impact your SEO efforts. 
  4. URL Redirection: It is another attack that a publisher’s unsecured website can face. URL Redirection leads every visitor of your website to other malicious websites when they click on any link on your website. This can result in misleading your visitors creating mistrust towards your publication. 
  5. Loss of data: SQL injection allows the attackers access to the publisher’s confidential data and other party data. Once accessible attackers can then alter or delete this data altogether. This could result in the loss/ tampering of personal information of your subscribers. This could also result in legal consequences. 

Best Security Plugins for WordPress

In order to secure your website and your readers, it is recommended that you inspect the security of your website and take necessary measures in time. We’ve put together a list of the best security plugins for your WordPress site. These are the top 8 plugins that you can install on your WordPress site.

1) Sucuri


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Sucuri stands out as a highly acclaimed free WordPress Security Plugin, catering to businesses and publishers alike. This plugin offers comprehensive insights and control, requiring some technical knowledge for optimal use. Key features include WordPress core integrity checks, brute attack protection, malware detection, and anti-spam tools.


  • WordPress core integrity checks
  • Brute attack protection
  • Malware detection
  • Anti-spam tool


  • Basic plan starts at $199.99 per year for one website
  • Custom pricing for Enterprises with 24/7 service support


2) Wordfence Security

With over 400,000 downloads, Wordfence Security is renowned for its user-friendly dashboard, making it accessible even for non-technical users. The Free version includes features like scanning core files, theme files, and plugin files, along with a website firewall. For advanced features such as two-factor authentication and country blocking, you can use the Premium version.


  • Core file scanning
  • Theme and plugin file scanning
  • Website firewall


  • Premium version at $119/year for one website


3) Solid Security (iThemes Security)

Ideal for large enterprises, iThemes Security, now known as Solid Security, offers both free and paid plans. The Free version provides essential features like brute force attack protection, malware scans, and database backups. The Premium version, starting at $99 per year, includes online file comparisons, two-factor authentication, and WordPress Security Keys.


  • Brute force attack protection
  • Malware scans
  • Database backups


  • Premium version starts at $99 per year


4) All-In-One WP Security

Known for its user-friendly dashboard and free features, All-In-One WP Security is a popular choice among website owners. The plugin offers features like login protection, vulnerability and malware scanning, comment spam protection, and user monitoring. The graphical representation of security metrics allows website owners to assess and improve their website security.


aiosImage source


  • All-In-One Security Premium Plugin starts at $70 per year.

5) Jetpack


Image source

Jetpack is a feature-packed WordPress plugin with both Free and Premium versions. The Free version includes brute force attack protection, site stat reporting, auto-updating plugins, and spam and malware blocking. Upgrading to the Premium version offers additional features such as daily malware scans and real-time backup creation.


  • Brute force attack protection
  • Site stat reporting
  • Auto-updating plugins


  • Premium version for additional features starts at ~$4 per year.

6)  BulletProof Security

A top choice for tech-driven users, BulletProof Security uses a .htaccess file for enhanced protection. The .htaccess file is a configuration file used on web servers, allowing for the customization of server behavior. It enhances security by enabling directives that control access, prevent directory listing, and protect against common vulnerabilities.

The Free version includes features comparable to other plugins' premium versions, while the Premium version, priced at $69.95 for unlimited websites, offers advanced features like real-time file monitoring and auto-restoring modified files.


  • Enhanced database security
  • Login security
  • Firewall security


  • Premium version at $69.95 for unlimited websites

7) Defender

defenderImage source

Defender is a new entrant in the market, gaining popularity among both beginners and experts. The Free version provides malware scanning, threat notification, brute force attack protection, and a firewall with IP blocking. Upgrading to the premium version offers better insights, automated scans, and service support.


  • Malware scanning
  • Threat notification
  • Brute force attack protection


  • Premium version at $20 per month


So, here's the takeaway: keeping your news website safe is just as important as the stories you tell. After diving into the world of WordPress security plugins, it's clear that these tools act like superheroes, protecting your website from online threats.

Regardless of the security plugin you choose we will encourage you to use active measures to secure your WordPress website. Alternatively, backing up your WordPress site at regular intervals will help recover and restore your website. We’ve also covered some of the best WordPress backup plugins to help safeguard website data. 

Your website's security isn't just a tech thing; it's a promise to your audience that your news is reliable and safe. So, as you continue to share stories and information, remember that a secure website is the secret ingredient to maintaining trust in the digital world. Stay secure, stay trustworthy.

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