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Chrome 59 And How Chrome Is Evolving Into An OS

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Chrome 59 And How Chrome Is Evolving Into An OS

Mobile and Web both have evolved rather drastically over the last 18 months. Mobile continues to be the preferred choice of medium for, well practically everything. Content, gaming, messaging - mobile has taken everyone by storm. Browsers at the same time have been able to catch up ( almost ) with their native counterparts, allowing developers to do more. In 2016, Chrome on Mobile surpassed the count of billion active users. The recent developments on Chrome and product road map show an uncanny resemblance to that of an operating system. Rather than just another browser. Chrome 59 unpacks capabilities that will help developers up the ante on user engagement. One of it being integrating with OS. Here are the key highlights:

Native Integration with Mac OS:

Starting Chrome 59, Chrome push notifications will be displayed by native Mac OS notification system. What this also means is that notifications will automatically get stacked into the notification center. This obviously doesn’t impact users on Linux or Windows but for Mac OS users notifications are now simpler, cleaner and consistent. Again, bunch of these changes has the developer community divided. But nevertheless, here are the key changes:

Do Not Disturb Zone  

Images, Icons and Positioning- Alright. This is the most important part. With Chrome 56, the ability to add large banner images was added to notifications, which saw a massive adoption. The ability to display banner size images goes away with this version update. Developers would also need to pay finer attention to details like background color of the image, so that it gels in. At the same time, Chrome Icon will be added to every notification that is sent and yes, this can’t be altered with or replaced.

Call To Action Buttons and Icons

While the call to action buttons remain, the ability to add icons is getting phased out. Also, you can add additional action buttons here.

As Chrome is a third party application, the Chrome logo will appear on all notifications on Mac OS. Yes, on all of them. It can be changed nor altered. Users will need to hover on the ‘More’ button to look at the other CTA options.

Mac OS

It is recommended to use a transparent background icon, to make it soft on the eyes. Banner notifications are eliminated altogether when it appears in  Mac OS. Make sure you do not add any important information within the image. Mac OS will also ignore the image parameter, so see to it that the  button is not something that must be clicked to begin a specific action related to the notification. For example, If you send out a notification asking users to refer others with your referral code, and provide a button reading ‘Refer Now’, it won't be visible for the users on Mac OS.

Mac OS

Reconsider if you want to use a listicle in your notification. In Mac OS, only the 1st point will be displayed, removing the essence of the entire notification.

Mac OS

Limiting Multiple Prompts for Notifications:

As a major step towards improving the UX, Chrome will temporarily stop a particular domain from requesting permission more than thrice following third dismissal. This temporary stop gets lifted in 1 Week after which the domain can again prompt the users. In case you are testing features related to prompts, the block can also be removed by changing the permission setting in the page info dialog.


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