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The Framework To Create A Brilliant Content Plan : Content Distribution

Last updated on Feb 14, 2021

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The Framework To Create A Brilliant Content Plan : Content Distribution

Content Distribution is the next evolution of Content Marketing. Though, There is no denying that Content Planning begins with a vigorous keyword research and creating value-adding content, but the next in process and an equivalently significant stage is Content Distribution (or as we refer to it – content amplification)

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In this 3rd part of the series, we'll focus on-

- How you should distribute your content

- Which tools should be leveraged at this stage

- How often should you distribute and at what frequency

Below is the infographic that'll help you in your Content Publishing and Distribution Plan.

Content Distribution

You are all set now! Hope these this infographical series was able to give you some clarity regarding creating a concrete content plan.

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Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma
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