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Creating Campaigns And Analyzing Them Have Never Been So Easy!

Jan 24, 2017

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Creating Campaigns And Analyzing Them Have Never Been So Easy!

We have updated the look and feel of the dashboard. See how you can send out a push notification in this article

With iZooto team working day in and day out to make its features easier, it has become simpler to schedule campaigns. We tweaked a few things here and there and have made it neat and user friendly. Now you can create campaigns with minimal click and schedule recurring notifications.

Here’s what has changed -

You can now add UTM parameters in ‘Track performance with UTM parameters’.


If you want to push a notification right away, you can click on ‘Push it now’. For scheduling the campaign, you can select  ‘schedule notification on’ fill the details and click on ‘Schedule for Later’.

While scheduling the notification, there are three new options from which you can choose from -

1. One-time: Select one particular date-time and schedule

2. Multiple Dates: Add up to 10 different date-times

Multiple scheduling

3. Recurring Schedule:

       a. It allows you to select 'Start' and 'End dates' and set the schedule to 'Never End' for the notification to be sent regularly.

       b. Select frequency and time- A specific frequency can be chosen like -Daily, Weekly or Monthly, and a time needs to be specified at which the notifications will automatically be sent.


recurring notification

The scheduler creates multiple campaigns, one for every group of subscribers in a timezone.  And guess what, campaign scheduler no longer pop-ups! You can now create campaigns in a jiffy. Creating campaigns are now straightforward and effortless.

Now you can analyse your campaigns thoroughly with the new changes that we have implemented.

To start with, a new additional column ‘source’ has been added showing the source of the campaign, if it was schedule or if was manual.


You can  download campaign reports by clicking on ‘Download CSV’. The report now contains statistics of all the campaigns pushed, starting last month. It also has data on clicks on button and no. of notification viewed.

Once you click on a particular campaign, you can check the click statistics, which is now neatly illustrated for easy analysis. Campaigns pushed out according to different timezones will now be displayed in the same pop up, in different tabs.

Creating campaigns

The new improvements allows you to create campaigns easily and analyse them better.

For any query, we are more than happy to chat with you :)



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