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10 Ways To Create Effective E-commerce CTA Buttons

Jun 06, 2017

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10 Ways To Create Effective E-commerce CTA Buttons

Your e-commerce store is ready with a stunning design and easy navigation. A considerable amount of time is spent in adding bells and whistles while fine-tuning the website. But, alas, the visitors are not Adding Products To Their Cart! So what is it that is stopping a visitor from becoming your customer? It is probably the lack of focus you have paid on crafting an effective Call to Action (CTA) button.

When it comes to converting a visitor into the customer, it is all about the power of call-to-action that lets a visitor take the action that you want him to take. Putting an ordinary call to action button (like Buy Now/Buy/Shop) might not be effective in grabbing the user’s attention and encouraging him to make the final purchase.

In order to persuade a visitor to take the desired action, your CTA copy must be compelling and highly converting. Let’s unveil some effective tips and strategies that you can easily apply to your storefront to increase conversions.

What Is Call To Action (CTA)?

A Call-to-Action (CTA) tells the visitor what action he/she should take.

Albeit, you will come across a plethora of guidelines related to CTA placement, font, shape, graphics. But only after testing different strategies, you can start seeing the desired results.

How can an effective call to action boost your conversions? Let’s dig out a detailed answer.

1. Stand Out With Contrasting Colors:

Colors matter a lot when it is about achieving a massive conversion rate. A highly effective CTA ensures a brilliant use of contrasting colors that stand out from rest of the background.

There is no exact answer about which color works best. So, you have to apply and test different colors to see which color can give you better conversions. It all depends on the design of your website, would definitely grab a user's attention. While doing so, ensure that it still resonates with the overall look and feel of your brand.

call to action

Adobe has applied an amazing psychology of colors by utilizing blue color over black background. This makes its call to action not only enticing but resonant with the brand’s voice as well.

2. Ensure Right Size and Shape:

Your button must be big enough to draw the visitor’s attention instantly and also make it easy for the user to click on it. Plus, the shape of the button also plays a vital role in getting required conversions.

A simple rectangular or rounded shape can be experimented. Depending on the design and other settings of your store, any shape might work well for you. Most of the e-commerce websites make use of rectangular buttons to make them more visible.

call to action

call to action

3. Invoke A Sense Of Urgency:

Scarcity leads to a sense of urgency.

By showing a deadline for a scheme or lack of stock, you make the users more inclined to buy your products.

It is crucial to creating a sense of urgency by using words like ‘Now’, ‘Hurry’, ‘Quickly’, ‘Limited Edition’ and so on. When people find that stock is limited, they rush to grab the product instantly, thus ultimately leading to increase in conversions.

call to action

Pretty Little Thing showcases a discount offer and creates urgency by saying ‘Ends 12PM Today’.

call to action

A few examples that might work are:

4. Craft Call to action Copy With Unique Words:

In order to grab a user's attention, play with the power of words and craft a highly compelling copy for your a call to action button.

Using something unique instead of Submit, Shop Now, Buy will definitely catch the user's’ eyes and compel them to take that action. Some powerful and unique words should be incorporated to get the users more inclined towards your call to action button.

call to action

GiftRocket has mastered the art of creating an enticing CTA copy. See how they have smartly crafted the copy saying ‘Send a GiftRocket’ instead of ordinary action words like send now etc.

5. Incorporate Value Proposition:

Another exciting element that gives an instant boost in conversions is stating the value proposition in call-to-action button.

The audience must be shown what they will get back in exchange for taking an action.

Stating value proposition like ‘Free Guide’, ‘Save up to 25%’ in call to action button clearly explains to the visitor what they are going to get in return for their action.

call to action

Learn this approach from House Of Fraser with their powerful call to action copy stating the value proposition in an explicit manner. ‘Up to 30% off’ takes the user to the specific landing page with an exclusive offer to get their products at a 30% discount.

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6. Use Action Oriented Words:

Remember! You have to persuade the audience to click the call to action button.This is where your copy would actually convert into actions.

call to action

FireBox has put a visible and decent button with text ‘Add To Basket’ that is just adjacent to the product’s image. So, a user can easily find and click on it to add product to the cart.

Using action-oriented words or phrases guide the user about what he/she should do next. Some of the best action verbs are:

  • Shop Now
  • Add to Bag
  • Get Access
  • Join
  • Subscribe
  • Place Your Order
  • Checkout

Bonus Tip: Craft these action words in a way that make them more compelling for the user to take that action.

call to action

Pink Boutique is a women’s fashion clothing and footwear brand. They have crafted an appealing yet converting CTAs for different categories.

Check out how they have attracted the visitors with the phrase ‘Heel With It’ to get them to an entire available range of ladies shoes. This call to action not only employs the action phrase but also sounds truly compelling.

7. Get Personal In CTA:

Make your visitors feel comfortable with personalized call-to-action.

It is a common practice to incorporate the second person like ‘You’ and ‘Your’ for a more personal touch. This enables a user to take the action more promptly and hence conversion rates. A study by Michael Aagaard of Content Verve discovered that switching a CTA button from second to the first person produced 90% increase in clicks.


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AYR has smartly practiced the first person strategy in their call to action that asks visitors to sign up for their website in a different manner. ‘Me first.’ is not only appealing but the copy being in first person gives it a more personal touch.

call to action

Clicking on ‘Me first.’asks the user to enter the email address for signing up. And here it again utilizes the first person speech with the button ‘Sign me up’ to give a personal feeling.

call to action

8. Adding Bonus Button Text:

Do you want to provide users with some extra and necessary information?

There are many situations where you want to convey some important message alongside the CTA button text. Like assuring users they won’t receive any spam emails, or their personal information would be secured, or information about payment methods etc.

A way to include that bonus text is to place it just beneath the CTA button. Let’s understand it with the CTA of ShipStation.

call to action

Just beneath the call-to-action button ‘Start Your Free 30-Day Trial’, they have displayed an important message that ‘No credit card is required’ in white color. This message conveys the users about the ease of starting the trial.

9. Enhance CTA Copy With Security Features:

Security is a dominant factor when it comes to online shopping. Highlighting security features in the CTA copy would make any visitor feel more confident about your store and the hesitation to become a member or customer would die down.

call to action

Amazon is the best example to employ this feature. The call-to-action button ‘Sign in securely’ is a way to assure users about secured shopping. With this CTA button directly on the homepage, users can conveniently and non hesitantly get to the account creation page.

Other examples include:

  • Refund
  • Guaranteed
  • Certified
  • No Risk
  • Protected

10. Test Your Buttons:

The final tip for crafting high conversion CTAs is to practice the Test and Optimize approach. Although the above mentioned tips can help you in boosting your conversions, there isn't a fixed approach for success in an eCommerce store. The solution is to keep testing and experimenting with various CTAs - copy, shapes, colours, positions, etc, to find out what works best for you.

Get Back To You!

Practicing the listed tips will leverage on your efforts in crafting effective and highly converting CTAs. What other tips do you have?

This is a guest post by Invespcro.com


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