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It Always Seems Impossible Until it's 'Gamified'

Last updated on Aug 24, 2022

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It Always Seems Impossible Until it's 'Gamified'

What is the 'Gamify' Concept? How can a Gamified platform, product or service get you more engagement?

These are all questions answered by Himanshu Khanna - Founder and CEO at Sparklin - in the Webinar, Gamification in Marketing. He shows us why Gamification is so important in the new marketing age and how it can help you boost sales.

Here is the focus definition of 'Gamification' - It is the concept of using Game Design Elements in Non-game experiences to make them fun, engaging and possibly, addictive.

No, It is not a game, we are not looking to create another game. All we are looking to do is to take all the possible experiences and elements out of any game, to make our platform, product or service more fun and engaging.

How many of you play Mario and Candy Crush?

Why were you playing these games? Because they challenge your mind. A game is meant to be a system that entices human needs from a core emotional standpoint.

What are the core emotional standpoints?

The core emotional standpoints are - competition, curiosity, imagination, learning, and winning. A human brain has the urge to fulfill these needs. Once you have them on your platform, you already are applying the Gamify concept, challenging and attracting more users to your platform.

The Gamify concept is commonly known as PBL (Points, Badges, and Leaderboards). Think about it, when you were playing Mario what are the things that made you happier - holding points or saving the princess?

This is exactly what it deals with - EMOTIONS. It is not only getting points or getting badges or being on the top of the leaderboard.

Let's take an example about Speed Camera Lottery. It has always been a challenge to get people to drive safely or stop them from over speeding.

At Sweden, they did an interesting idea. They reward the car driving under speed limit by offering them a lottery ticket to win the money from the fines collected from the speeding cars.

gamify reward

This fun exercise helped to hold down the average speed by 20% because it tackled competition by rewarding emotional standpoints.

Hence, adding ‘Reward’ gives a whole new value.

How else can the "Gamify" Concept help?

Let’s look at StarBucks.  This is how Starbucks used the gamify concept to boost their sales.

They initiated “My Starbuck Rewards“ Program. It is one of the greatest programs which was wisely implemented to hyper-loyalty to their customers.

gamify reward starbucks

Here is the concept they follow- The more coffee you buy, the more points you collect. With all these points, the users got free coffee, birthday gifts, and custom gifts.

LinkedIn has also been using the Gamify concept for years now. Has anyone been able to achieve 100% status of their profile?

We always add and try to give the 100% and this is what LinkedIn is trying to do, give you a goal, which you can hardly reach and yet you keep working towards it.

Let’s jump to another example and see how the Gamify concept help solving complicated problems, learning or coming up with new discoveries and ideas.

“Retrovirus enzyme” is an enzyme, which has been challenging science and scientists for 15 years trying to find out its structure. As soon as someone put the whole concept into a game called “Foldit”, a gamer was able to crack it in 10 days. That’s the power. Once you start challenging these sides of the human psyche we can unleash amazing powers.

gamify scientific concepts foldit


Kids can learn Algebra in a fun way like Dragon Box. The concept of the game is - A dragon in the box, which wants to come out of the box. It can only get out if the dragon and box are isolated. So in a puzzle, the kid has to use the mathematical principles to solve the equation. When the equation is solved, the dragon can find a way out.

gamify learning dragon box

How do you build motivation through the "Gamify" concept?

Users can level up, earn points, compete with each other, solve problems and discover new things. Show a problem solver a challenge to solve a problem and then get them gratification.

In conclusion, the Gamify concept is considered to be one of the most important marketing tools nowadays. It challenges creativity and breaks the stereotypes of marketing.

Here are the slides for the live webinar.




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