The 4th Quarter is what everything boils down to for retailers across the globe and especially in the US. With retailers generating as much as 30% of their total sales from just two days i.e Black Friday and CyberMonday, Holiday season is a make or break proposition. It sets the tone for the coming year. 

In this article, we will try to cover how this holiday season, you can stay ahead of your competition and drive 2X revenue using a channel that is yet to be exploited.


Build Your Marketing List. Early!

It's no secret that the winter holiday season is the most important time of the year for e-commerce businesses. More than 61% online shoppers start researching their purchases as early as September, which means e-commerce marketers need to start even before in planning their marketing strategies.

With holiday season sales clocking almost 40% of the annual sales, it's only fair that e-commerce businesses are ready with an engaged marketing list to send holiday promotions and discounts to.

Holiday season accounts for 20 percent of total sales


How is building marketing list with Web Push different than Email?

With tens of thousands of emails simply read and deleted every day, browser notifications come as a delight to digital marketers. With browser notifications, you can build a marketing list that grows on auto-pilot as your traffic scales.

73% shoppers choose new stores to shop


Tell them why they should subscribe for your notifications

Maximize with impulse purchases


The holiday season is a great time to connect with your online audience. Smart marketers know that they will have to grab all the attention they can during this short period of time so as to maximize on the gains and revenue. You might choose to go crazy with a full-blown holiday theme or instead go with subtle changes like changing few images or certain color schemes. Who knows you might even convert a casual window shopper into a buying customer!

For inspiration on holiday-themed websites, look here.

#Do keep in mind, while it’s great to be swept away with the holiday season themes out there, your returning customers will appreciate if the site looks familiar and works the same.

So how does web push come in the picture? Let’s take a look -

Web Push Notification Subscription UX

It all starts with the Home page of your website. The first page that your website visitors notice when they land on your site. This season instead of going for the regular native prompt, design your web push subscription prompt with holiday season colors to catch the attention of the users early on. Having a holiday-themed subscription prompt tells users that you are celebrating with them. This way even if they leave your website without really doing anything, you can always choose to bring them back and complete that sale.


People subscribe to a marketing list for one simple reason - they trust your brand and would like to receive discounts and promotions from you. So as much as the design of the subscription prompt needs to resonate with the holiday season, the copy is equally important. Users need to see the value of joining your web push notification marketing list.

# While planning your holiday marketing strategy, don’t forget to prepare your website to receive higher than average traffic. The last thing you would want is for your website to go down in the middle of great business.


Understanding Your Users And Setting Up Your Audience Segments

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is understanding the interests of your target audience. Understanding customer behavior and expectations are crucial to achieving revenue goals and capitalizing on the opportunities a busy season presents.



Historical data holds many stories. If looked well, you might find new products ideas for your e-commerce store.

# Look for patterns in people’s purchasing habits. Drill down further until you start seeing a pattern that makes sense. You will then discover which customers are buying what and what they tend to buy after their initial purchase. Once you have a sense of the shopping trends, you can make smart choices on what to do next in this year’s holiday season marketing campaigns.


Creating Segments

E-commerce stores now have real-time triggers for personalized communication every step of the way. Users tend to respond better when they feel that their interests are being addressed. They are more likely to buy if the communication is relevant to their interests and circumstances at that moment.

Here are 5 must have segments to optimize your e-commerce marketing -

Segments as per shopping patterns
E-commerce must have segments


User segmentation is hardly a new idea for digital marketers. Creating meaningful segments in the whole customer journey can help predict what’s next.

Using data on browsing and purchasing behavior, users can be divided into multiple categories where every segment can be treated in a different way -

By showing discounted products based on last viewed category, you can bring users back to your website.

Device-specific segments

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using tablets and mobile devices to shop online instead of desktop or laptop. In 2016, over 76% Americans used mobile devices to complete their holiday shopping and this is expected to increase by 25% this year.

A classic mistake most e-commerce marketers tend to make is to treat both platforms - Desktop and Mobile - the same way. For instance, every platform has a different peak time during the day. While targeting desktop users might be fine during the office hours, sending notifications to them at night might result in low CTR. Similarly sending notifications to Tablet users after work hours will get you engaged users, which ultimately convert into sales.

Impressions device wise, day wise
Location-specific segments

The holiday season can be pretty stressful for e-commerce marketers when it comes to shipping. Each year it seems more and more stores are coming up with the idea of free shipping during the holidays to increase their chances of closing more sales. But it’s possible that your budget might not allow free shipping everywhere except certain areas. So how do you plan your communication to max out on sales for the free shipping areas?

One of the data points captured when a user subscribes for web push notifications is ‘Location’. The coordinates of the city from where a user clicks on Allow is taking into account while calculating the location. Once you have a sizable audience, you can start promoting your location-specific free shipping offer and drive more sales.

# One other use of Location can be to find the time zone. You might send a notification at 4 PM in your timezone, but your subscriber at the other end who is +8 hours away will end up receiving notifications in the middle of the night. This can be solved by sending notification according to a user’s timezone.


Getting Ready For The Ultimate Shopping Extravaganza

Gear up. Keep your cavalry ready. This holiday season is going to take you by a storm.

It's not less than a party when it comes to the holiday season. Everyone during this time is wired in a different way - they are super hyped, in a happy drunk mood and ready to make spontaneous decisions.

This calls for an amazing push notification campaign to make the most it. If you pull it off right, you will be attacked by a tsunami of traffic. Traffic that will make you thank your Gods. Traffic that will not only add to cart but also convert! Overwhelming as it is, it could actually become burdensome with all the legwork involved. It can consume all of your time which probably would also cost you some customers. And that is something you can’t afford.

But the question here is, how are you going to make it all work?


Automating the shit out of your campaigns

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! You have no time to waste. But, make sure you automate your notifications intelligently.

Put your web push notification campaigns on autopilot and let sales just flow in. Before that, let’s take one step backward. As mentioned earlier, you need to create concrete behavior based segments to yield impactful results.

Things to do -

“Marketers know their ultimate job is to increase revenue. Marketing automation can help by generating more and higher quality users, which will eventually turn into new customers.” - Glenster Report

Imagine a user thinking of shopping for the holiday season and boom! your notification reflects on their screen with an offer they can’t refuse. Hallelujah! The notification brings the user to your website, and the rest is history.

Automating your web push notifications at the right time makes all the difference. Check when to receive maximum traffic, what device do users prefer to shop and send your notification accordingly. Build a rapport with the users, turn passive users into active ones and build strong brand recall value.


10 Must-Have Automated Notification Campaigns

Users want to stay up to date during holiday sales. They are attentive so that they don’t miss out on a golden deal. Let’s face it, visiting an e-commerce website constantly just to see what's hot, does not seem feasible. Nor does hunting down an email in the heap of emails that users receive everyday viable. Web push notifications, on the other hand, appears right on your screen. One click and it takes users to your website. It couldn’t be simpler.

Craft notifications that you know will come in handy during the holiday season.

Building hype for the holiday season

Drip campaigns can be created to build hype for something big that is approaching. Create a set of notifications that can be sent at regular intervals to users, laced with special offers and discounts. Start the festive fever before it even starts. Show them this is just the beginning and there is more to come. Try to make offers that keep building itself as the days pass. This trend makes the user look forward to what your next notification might offer.

Here is an example of what you can try for Cyber Monday -

November 13 - Drop in a bomb of 10% off for all products you have. This helps you to gain instant attention, and to define the pace. Create a good start to your drip campaigns for upcoming notifications to take off.

Flash Sales Push Notification


November 15 - The next notification can go out on a Sunday when users would likely be free. They can browse all they want and avail the coupon.

Flash Sales Push Notification 2


November 18 - Most of the users browse on mobile and transact on the desktop. This void can be minimized by encouraging mobile users to purchase. Sometimes this gap leads to users dropping off. Show them your appreciation and give them special discounts exclusively for mobile users.

Special Offers Push Notification


November 22 - Create amazing offers but make it time bound to attain best results. Encourage users to gift their loved ones something special. Give out special offers and you could even make gift wrapping free to encourage them to shop.

Flash Sales Push Notification 3


November 24 - Start off with the pre-thanksgiving sales. You can also build curiosity, and encourage users to know what's in store for them.

Discount for early shoppers push notification


November 25 - Build excitement with contingency plans. Last minute shoppers can also be encouraged to shop by giving them ‘fast delivery’ at normal delivery charges. This can increase the chances of uses converting.

Cash back offer push notification


November 28 - It’s Thanksgiving and one day before Black Friday. Promote a BOGO offer! Encourage users to buy before the rush tomorrow, so that users get what they want without the fear of losing it out to someone else.

Thanksgiving offer push notification


November 29 - It is Black Friday! This is when pre-Christmas sale kicks in! Give them the best offers you have to provide. Surprise them with offers and live up to the hype you had created. Go beyond the generic offers that others are giving out. The offer needs to be so exciting that the users will be willing to go overboard with it.

Black friday offer push notification


December 1 - Time-based sales make users convert quicker. It creates urgency and instills panic, urging users to click on the notification, visit your site make a purchase before time runs out. You can automate

different deals at different hours, keeping users engaged all the time.

Time sensitive offer push notification
Flash sales push notification 4
Flash sales push notification 5


December 2 - It's Cyber Monday! The day when uses will kick start with their Christmas shopping. Most of the shopping is usually gifts for the near and dear. It’s always confusing when it come to buying gifts. At times like these, gift cards come across as saviors. Help users with their shopping by offering them gift cards with special discounts.

Cyber Monday Push Notification
New product alerts

New product added to the collection? Shout it out! Users will come flooding when sending notifications according to interests. Something new always has the potential to grab attention. In the holiday season, uses might have gone through your collection and might be waiting for new products to be added. A notification informing them about this is exactly what they need.

New products added push notification
Back in stock

In the holiday rush, products are bound to go out of stock. It’s the survival of the quickest during times like these. Once a product goes out of stock the users might lose hope of getting the same product. A ‘back in stock’ notification pumps up their spirit and usually leads to an immediate purchase.

Back in stock push notification
Cart reminders

The users are usually so preoccupied during the holiday season that they forget if they have added items to their cart. A notification reminding them about their abandoned cart clubbed along with a limited stock alert has been seen to convert a user quicker.

Cart reminder push notification

Price drop

The holiday season is a time when almost every e-commerce store has a sale going on. A price drop notification on their favorite brand will have them visiting your online store in a jiffy. Users might have placed few items on their wish list when they were shopping. A notification pointing towards a price drop for the same product can increase the chances of users converting.

Price drop push notification


Once a user buys a product, there is always an opportunity get more out of them. Not everyone realizes the potential of selling to a customer who has just bought a product. Show users what they should buy to enhance the product they have bought. You can also cross-sell a product to a user by providing a special offer for something they have added to their wish list or cart.

Cross-sell push notification

Upsell like a boss

Users can be sent out a notification asking them to buy another product that is better than the product they have purchased. Lure them by providing them the discounts and show them that there is really not much of a price difference between what they have now and the product you are up-selling.

Upsell push notification


Once a user is done with the purchase, encourage them to write a review. Reviews boost authenticity and encourage other users to buy products from your website. Slide in an offer that they will receive once they write a review. This increases the chances of users leaving a review on your site and also availing the offer.

Review push notification

Shipping Alerts

The users are always anxious after they place a purchase. Especially during the holiday season, last-minute shoppers are on an edge to know if their order will arrive before the occasion. Users need to be updated about their order status to keep them in the loop. Also, tell them the estimated date on which they will receive their purchase.

Shipping alerts push notification

Check out this web push notification automation guide to start putting your campaigns on autopilot.

Reflecting the holiday spirit in your notifications

Catchy holiday push notification

The ‘share it on social’ option makes it easier for users to inform their friends what to gift them or what they are drooling over right now. This is a wonderful technique to make use of the social sharing button during the holiday season, where everyone wonders what to gift their dear ones. A new way of sharing your wish list.

This is what users usually say when they finish reading our guides.

“Take the money. Just give me the product.”

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