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7 Must Try E-commerce Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

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7 Must Try E-commerce Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

Attracting customers to the shopping portal by just establishing an online presence is not enough. Rather, one should put efforts to boost the e-commerce holiday sales so that the store gets identified by the visitors in the festive season.

The holiday season is the most rewarding time for the e-commerce store owners in terms of increasing overall sales. But it turns out to be difficult as they need to toil hard for converting the visitors into conversions. The time has arrived to be prepared for the Christmas, where website owners can capitalize on targeted customers who are hungry for big deals.

Today, most of the people express their love on festivals by sending gifts and wish cards to their loved ones. And for that, they consider online shopping the best and easiest option. The holiday season is the perfect time when e-commerce stores can earn customers and conversions at the same time. All they need to do is to implement proven e-commerce SEO strategies that are best suited to provide optimum e-commerce conversions.

Here are some widely implemented tips that help e-commerce webmasters to increase conversion rates during festive days.

Easy tips to boost holiday sales

  1. Engage Broadly With Mobile Customers

At present, desktop e-commerce has become a good choice for the users. On the other hand, mobile e-commerce is growing at a high pace. Stats say that the e-commerce holiday sales during last year holidays increased by 59%. This is because of the wide usage of mobile devices. Surprisingly, approx 50-60 % of search queries usually come from mobile devices.


Technology is getting improved day-by-day which encourages people to take advantage of it. If you are in a dilemma of how to optimize an e-commerce website, engaging more with mobile users is the initial step you can start with. To start with, make sure that your website is mobile responsive. Connecting officially with these smartphone users is a great way to earn more customers during the festive season.

  1. Send Automated Holiday Sale Emails And Web Push Notifications

Sending pre-sale promotional emails to targeted customers is a powerful strategy which anyone can utilize to increase the chances of getting more conversions.

Similarly, if you wish to spread awareness for your upcoming e-commerce festive, you first need to target the audience via attractive emails and festive alerts. The promotional campaigns create a sense of urgency and instill a fear of missing out something important which compels the users to click and view the deal.

Check out the complete web push holiday marketing guide to reach out to the users in an efficient way.

  1. Recover Abandoned Carts With Festive Special Discounts

According to stats, 99% of audience don’t make purchases at the very first time when they visit the store. As a result, they choose to abandon the cart. It might be scary but true somewhere. But now, there are chances that you can bring back the users who abandoned their carts by sending festive sale offers to their selected items. It cannot be possible that you could be at the right place with the right offer. Hence, you should be ready to retarget the visitors whenever possible. Festive days are the high time when you succeed in this venture. Check out this article where they have beautifully explained why users abandon their carts.

  1. Give Landing Page A Complete Festive Makeover

Guide your web designer to create a theme based festive background which is embellished with bright banners. Its up to you how you want to decorate your landing page so that customers get attracted and feel like making a purchase. Fascinating visitors through the exquisitely designed offer page provides better e-commerce website optimization during holidays. This not only attracts customers and creates a joyous mood, but also results in better conversions.

  1. Create Convenient & Festive Targeted Products Navigation

Many times, people are not able to find the product they are looking for. This is the reason which can result in low visibility of your store’s products. A simple and smooth product navigation is the key to generate enhanced conversions. It directs visitors to the most relevant product they are searching for and that too within seconds. When you are renovating the banners and landing page layout for grabbing the biggest festive season opportunity, make sure to concentrate more on building easy product navigation. Suppose, you want to redirect the customers towards the Christmas combos like dress, tree, and chocolates then make that page more fascinating and easy to access for users.

  1. Initiate Provision For Thank You Gifts

Holiday sales thank you offer

Facilitating loyal customers with Thank Yougift is the technique which never fails when it comes to increasing holiday sales & conversions of an e-commerce site. It is true that when you regard your customers with additional points or cashback offers, they come back to your website again. Higher are the chances that they make more purchases in the hope to get better reward points next time. Gift cards are the best ways to grab potential customers. In this context, creating a distinct message of how your product can turn out to be a perfect gift is the technique which you need to integrate to increase holiday sales.

  1. Acquire Customers Before The Sale Starts

People follow a tendency to be prepared for everything before time. They apply the same logic when it comes to gift shopping. Users buy products sooner to prepare and deliver gifts to their friends and family in advance. If you dont prepare your store in advance for the upcoming holiday, no one will recognize that your store is also providing mega festive offers to the customers. There are many shoppers who visit e-commerce stores before the festive season just to check which one is giving the best deals on products. This definitely increases the conversion rates of an e-commerce website.

Final Thoughts:

When festive sale arrives, people are supposed to shop like crazy. This is all because of the bumper deals and offers e-commerce stores offer on all products. E-commerce website owners often think that it is easy for them to earn optimum profits during the holiday sales. Remember, there are e-commerce pioneers who keenly execute SEO for an e-commerce website. And these pioneers always win the race of getting excellent conversions during festivals. Now, it is your turn to implement the above-mentioned tricks to earn better than the others. 

This is a guest by Tom Hardy of Sparx IT Solutions.


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