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Guide For Integrating iZooto On BigCommerce Website

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Guide For Integrating iZooto On BigCommerce Website

Logon to https://panel.izooto.com/ with your credentials. On your dashboard, click on settings on the left sidebar and select integration instructions. Generate iZooto SDK for your website and keep it handy. Follow this step by step guide to start sending iZooto's website push notifications to BigCommerce web users.

Integration on BigCommerce Website

For HTTP websites:

1. Log on the administrator panel on BigCommerce and click on store front design on the left sidebar.


2. Choose design options


3. The next step is to click on Scripts. Paste the iZooto SDK on the footer section and save configuration to complete the integration process and access iZooto dashboard.


For HTTPS websites:-

1. You can add the JS code using the same steps mentioned above.

2. Then add manifest.json and service-worker.js file ( as provided by iZooto in zip file format at the time of SDK generation ) in your root directory (which you have to access through either of  your c-panel , or File-server ).

After this verify that both the files are accessible from browser using URLs mentioned below :

1) https://your-sitename.domainname/manifest.json



With these steps you have successfully integrated with iZooto web push notification for your websites. Should you have any query, contact us at shrikant@datability.co

See why ecommerce businesses should use web push notifications and check out some eCommerce push notification templates that you can use to drive sales. Read about the integration process on other platforms – Shopify, .net, Joomla. 

Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin is a Product Marketer at iZooto. An artist who paints not only with words, but also on canvas. She loves exploring places less traveled and wishes to go on a bike trip to the highest motorable road.

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