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How Coupon Affiliates Are Cracking 7X Conversions With Messenger Push Notifications

Last updated on Jun 24, 2020

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How Coupon Affiliates Are Cracking 7X Conversions With Messenger Push Notifications

You just received an email carrying a coupon code of the millennia. 

One that people use even when in no mood to buy. No approval required, you immediately add it to your coupon repository and hit publish. 

But being the smartest marketer the organization has, you simply don’t stop there. 

An email is sent to the entire subscriber base and enticing captions with pun-cracking visuals are shared on all the social handles. 

But it’s been a day already and now something seems off. You didn’t receive the numbers you estimated for a coupon code this amazing.

As per the brand, the code worked wonders but just not for you. 

All cranked up, you open the browser and check your competitors’ websites for answers and guess what …, an optin for messenger push notifications. 

Brimming with curiosity, you search about this new engagement channel and this guide ranking #1 says hi. 

10x of emails and 2x of web push? 

Something this effective should’ve made it to the marketing stack way before the code went live. 

But then you’re never too old and it’s never too late. 

Here’s what your messenger push notification for a new coupon alert would look like the next time - 


Being a newbie to the real-time engagement spectrum, messenger push notifications have started gaining a lot of traction lately.

It is the go-to platform to cut down your Facebook ad spend, stack your up marketing reports with hard-to-achieve click rates, and allow users to ask for more options after receiving your notification.

(because having just one option is not an option).

Now, knowing that over 97% of the users look for a deal before buying anything online, here are the other five engaging ways that you can bank upon for higher conversion.

5 More Signs You Were Waiting For -

Membership Abandonment -

Do you know what hurts more than your website users ignoring “become a member” CTA? Users clicking on it and not becoming a member anyway.

Membership abandonment is another burning problem for affiliates in 2020.

It’s a punch in the face of marketers writing drool-worthy newsletters for a sleek subscriber base, that just refuses to grow.

So, apart from keeping your forms short and making it fun for the users to fill, is there anything else that could give marketers a second chance at converting better.

Well, there are multiple solutions out there but messenger push notifications can be a game-changing start for marketers that have always wanted a little more.

By offering higher visibility of web push and longer shelf life of email, it literally brings best of the two worlds inside your marketing stack.

Here's how your messenger push notification for membership abandoners will look like -


Brand Coupons

So here’s what happened last night, the sales team cracked a cutting-edge deal of Dominos coupons. Learning this, your excitement was hard to contain. (pun intended)

Instead of continuing with the excitement, you got anxious the very next minute.

Excited because the coupon deal was so overwhelming and nervous because you know for a fact that the intermediary (affiliate network) that shared these coupons, works with 20 more affiliates.

Now going by the conventional coupon distribution, you might not be able to make a dent with what almost all the affiliates will be doing. But, there lies a road less traveled.

It is creating an audience that has used dominos coupons before and getting started with your messenger marketing right away.

Here’s what a messenger push notification sharing a brand coupon looks like -


Category Coupons

Alright. Let’s enter another situation.

You recently signed a deal with Koovs. Conversion for you would be - getting 500K users on their page where they’ll use your coupon code and make a purchase.

Now since most of the Koovs users would be having an app installed, you need to zero in your efforts on engaging the mobile users.

We know that for most coupon affiliates, a considerable amount of the audience uses iOS. So you might want to turn a blind eye on web push for a while and rely on emails instead.

But then the CTRs being so low, and the response time being so long, Newsfeed ads start to appear as a good samaritan to you.

Now I’d like to propose an alternative here. One that not just gets you the desired CTRs but also cuts down your Facebook ad spend.

Enter messenger push notifications. Segment the audience based on the demographics and interests. Draft a notification and hit “send”. Here’s one similar to what your users will receive -

Uses-cases-4Daily Discounts

Wait, why has the use case made it to the list? Because this might not be one of the best days of your affiliate business.

No upcoming flash sales. No new coupon codes. The brands might also not be in a mood to boost the sales. But you know what, an affiliate’s gotta sell.

So nothing fancy, but a daily discount notification is sent out to the entire subscriber base at, let’s say, 7pm.

Now the users’ are back from the office and it’s time randomly scroll through the notification bar. In a notification stack full of bad things happening globally, a notification with a variety of discounted products usually catches the attention.

And if not for a product they are planning to buy, it’s always refreshing to order your favorite food right now at a heavy discount. Here’s what your daily discount notification will look like -

Uses-cases-5Upcoming Flash Sale

To help you understand this, I got on a call with one of the biggest coupon affiliates in India - Couponzguru, and here’s what Vikash, CEO @Couponzguru, had to say -

“Push notifications, be it web push, messenger push or app push, are actually mandatory. Not just for coupon affiliates but for any kind of digital business.

I’ll give you an example, let’s say a flash sale is about to take place on Myntra for 3 hours. And you know for a fact that the lifespan of an emailer to give a response is approx. 24 hours.

By the time the user sees that email and clicks on the link, the flash sale is gone.It’s not just a waste of effort for an affiliate but also makes the user feel bluffed. But when it comes to pushing notifications, we get to reach our customers in real-time which improves the user experience.”

Creating a buzz around events that won’t last long requires a quick audience reachout.
While emails work great for sale that’s here to stay, flash sales are best promoted using push notifications. And, now that we finally have the opportunity to tap the iOS users, it’s time we include messenger push notifications in our flash-sale-promotion plan. Here’s what you can expect it to look like -

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