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How To Keep Your Facebook Page From Getting Banned By Messenger

Last updated on Feb 28, 2020

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How To Keep Your Facebook Page From Getting Banned By Messenger

If you are using messenger push notifications, you must be aware of the fact that Facebook bans the pages with extremely bad engagement numbers.

Exactly why you need to keep a watchful eye on the block rates, messages that might end up marked as a spam or anything that could result in the violation of Facebook’s platform policies. 

Even though there are numerous mistakes that lead to a ban. Here are a few that have made marketers suffer the most  -

  • Misusing message tags by sending the promotional messages outside the 24-hour limit.
  • Having more of your audience marking your messages as spam.
  • Not adhering to the Facebook Community Standards.
  • Not keeping a check on your block rates -

Blocks escalate when the audience is frustrated. Not just reluctant to receiving your notifications but genuinely frustrated by the brand. Blocking the brand is a multi-step process compared to unsubscribing which is a click away. 

If someone has taken up the pain to block you instead of simply unsubscribing, you’ve really gotten under their skin.

Here are the three mistakes that you should avoid to minimize the block rate -

  • Odd hour messaging - We don’t like it. They don’t like it. So do not ignore the time zone your audience is in at the time of notification delivery.
  • Poor Segmentation - Bombarding visitors that don’t know your brand with messages, leads to frustration. So segment. 
  • One playbook for all - The audience coming via click to messenger ads isn’t necessarily your brand audience. Have a separate playbook for them.

So you got blocked by Facebook. What next?

Although there’s no certain way to remove the limits set on your account, you can always come clean and confess. Contact Facebook Support and explain what according to you might have gone down the wrong trails. Promise to never do it again. To file an appeal - go to your Facebook page > Settings > Page Inbox Support. 

Contact Facebook  Support

Inside Page Support Inbox, you will see a notification that says limits have been placed on your “Facebook Page”. Tap the CTA on the right - “Appeal”.

fb limits

If you believe that the limits were placed on you even when you didn’t violate any policy, run your website through this Facebook debugger.


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