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Microsoft Edge is Now Supporting Push Notifications!

Yes, you heard it right. After much delay, Recently, Microsoft has announced Push Notification Support for their browser - Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge push notifications work exactly like Chrome or Firefox push notification. As per the latest update from Microsoft's Developer portal, the support for service worker will continue to grow. Edge already supports 5196 API's out of the 12002 API's defined in the Specifications. Chrome browser, on the other hand, supports as many as 7017 APIs out of the 12,002 API's defined as per the Specifications.

A limited version of this has already been released in a preview mode by Microsoft last month. Here is the tweet that talks about the roll out -


Microsoft supporting Edge Push Notifications MS Edge Supports Web Push Notifications


Read here about the roll out. Here are the highlights and Microsoft Edge reviews worth mentioning

Web Notification Implementation

  • MS Edge Notification implementation is basis the W3C Web Push Notifications Specification. Each notification contains
    • Title
    • Notification Body
    • Icon
      Push Notification on Microsoft Edge Push Notification on Edge


    • Language Setting
    • Tag Attribute
    • Icon URL
    • Direction Attribute and
    •  Webpage of Origin

Edge leverages the Windows Notification API platform to pass the notification from the webpage to the Notification platform which will then render and manage notification in a consistent way across all Windows Apps.

Permission and Management for Microsoft Edge Notifications

Permission and its management function exactly as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Users visiting the site are prompted for Subscription.

Permission Prompt on Microsoft Edge for Push Notification Permission Prompt on Microsoft  Edge


Once granted, the website can push notifications to users. These permissions can be  managed directly from the parent domain site.Notification Permission Management

These notifications can be managed using the Microsoft Action center. Do note that this is currently available only on Desktop. Mobile support will be introduced soon. Follow this page for the latest updates and upcoming features for Microsoft Edge.

What Happens Next?

  1. Additional features to further improve user control and notification fidelity, along with group notifications in the Action Center based on the website domains, to preserve the original context of each notification.
  2. Changes in the optimum durations for any notification staying saved in the Action Centre.
  3. Prototype support for Service Workers and Push API in the EdgeHTML platform. This will  enable notification support on Windows 10 Mobile devices and enable persistent notifications in the Action Center, so that when clicked, the corresponding Service Worker can be invoked to take action.

Read here more about other browsers that support push notification.

Shrikant Kale
Shrikant Kale
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