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Opera Web Push Notifications - Everything That You Need To Know

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Opera Web Push Notifications - Everything That You Need To Know

Opera web notifications are now available in the latest developer build of the Chromium-based Opera web browser.

Opera now supports web push notifications, just like Chromium. Until 2013, Opera was based on its homegrown browser enging, Presto, which now has been abandoned for a much powerful choice, Chromium.

Opera shares a code base with Chromium and it almost imports most of its key features. Chrome started off with using a custom notification system but recently moved to native OS messaging system. The Norwegian makers of Opera have implemented the W3 specification to deliver alerts through the native OS messaging system.

Opera web notifications Web notification on opera

This means Opera 25 delivers alerts and updates from supported websites and extensions, including Gmail, using toasts on Windows 8, and through the Mac OS X Notification Center introduced in Mountain Lion.

Now, Web Notifications was already there in the Chromium project for quite some time, so why did it take time to add it? Because Opera wanted to make it feel native on all platforms and worked on it to make it happen.

So the notifications you have on Opera will feel like native notifications (i.e., however, your operating system displays notifications — whichever your platform is).

Opera web notifications Consent on opera

W3C Web Notifications API

The W3C Web Notifications API allows your web browser to display notifications as well: it is a great way to engage with your users because these notifications can be displayed even when the page is not active — note however that the page must be opened in a background tab for the notification to be triggered.

The W3C doesn’t specify how notifications should look, so Opera has chosen to use native notifications so that your browser feels completely integrated with your operating system. We already know that Chrome Push Notifications are now native and are directly displayed in the Mac OS Notification Center. From a UX point of view, web developers are still split but what is important to understand is that all the browsers on Mac OS X now follow the same experience.

Shrikant Kale
Shrikant Kale
Shrikant R Kale, our very own SRK, is the Product Head at iZooto. An IIM-C product, he is looked up to for his dedication and calm demeanor. This passionate bike-lover can be easily spotted in our office 24*7 (almost!). Follow him on twitter: @shrikantkale

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