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Quick Updates From The World Of Push Notifications

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Quick Updates From The World Of Push Notifications

6 reasons why you should implement push notifications for your website

Push Notifications?

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a Push in the right direction."

No wonder...

Push Notifications generally and Web Push Notifications specifically is taking this popularity from what it has from "To the point" features like segmentation, personalizing and directing the right message to the right user at the right time.

Good news that there are a lot of tools to help you make your business Viral through.

In this article, we are going to elaborate how important are Push Notifications for your business. We will show you how can your business grow faster and increase the user's interaction.

Watch out how to make conversions/sales before the ink is dry.

6 Reasons Why Browser Push Notification is a Must For your Website

Most of the leading brands all over the world from multiple domains are using Web Push Notifications as their primary communication tool for their business.

Why do you think is this happening?

Recently, Website Push Notifications have a highly effective success rate and produce real-time effects. These effects have qualified this channel of communication to be a must-use medium for marketers in all industries. 

Yes, case studies will make you believe it. Check out the success stories of two leading brands here and here.

Here is an article that shows 6 Reasons Why Browser Push Notification is Must For Website

Back to our 6 reasons why-

1- More interactions, More conversions

Web Push Notifications have a huge power of increasing interaction, it just needs to be correctly adjusted. Add clear Actions (CTAs) to your Push Notification Buttons, and make sure you are adding the right content to the right user stage according to their recency and activities on your website.

2-  Android Users Interact More with Push Notifications

Android users interact more with push notificationsThis article based on the recent research led by Localytics and Accengage. A number of regions were analyzed and as a result, it was inferred that across all regions push notification interaction rate on Android devices were higher than iOS. In regions like North America, the android push notification interaction was as high as 12.0%, where for iOS push notification it was merely 3.8%.  
Push notifications as a tool can be an effective tool for marketers who are constantly looking out to reach their users and customers with a relevant message.

2- New data on push notifications show up to 40% CTRs, the best perform 4X better than the worst

Push notification engagement by industry
While we witness that many leading brands from different verticals are now understanding the exhaustiveness of push notifications as a tool and actively taking this up as their communication tool, the push engagement across these verticals might differ based on numerous affecting factors. The recent data from kahuna reveals that utility and finance services experience the highest performance (40%) while retail and social experiences the worst (12%). This article by Andrew Chen mentions the correct strategies that are can be taken so as to improve notification response rate, as well as a to create a roadmap for getting back on track if your business is trailing behind.

5 must-do push notification best practices for mobile marketers

5 best practices for push notifications

There are several aspects around push notifications that no marketer can ignore. One of the many aspects, one is the fact that there are still 52% of whooping consumers that labels push notifications as an ‘Annoying Distraction’. Many brands are fighting this battle focusing on sending unique and personalized notifications that add some value to the consumer’s life. Based on deep research, this article mentions some of the best practices that any business can follow while integrating push notifications in their communication strategy. These practices can help you build a delightful relationship with your customers.

10 wonderful web push templates you need to boost user engagement

10 wonderful web push templates you need to boost your user engagement A good marketer understands that any communication medium will not start contributing to higher clicks for their business, unless they actually EARN it. While subscribers are still a newbie for this channel there are few areas of concerns that you might want to take care of while implementing this tool. You must be very cautious towards the approach that you take to engage and retain your users. Not just WHEN and to WHOM, but also WHAT and HOW are communicating. This awesome article talks about 10 wonderful tips and templates for bloggers that will come handy while strategizing to inspire your users (subscribers) to take action.

WordPress.com Launches Browser Notifications

WordPress has now launched its browser push notificationsRecently WordPress.com has also launched its browser notifications. This feature delivers instants notifications of the site activity to Chrome and Firefox users. Thanks to the Service Workers, these notifications works even when wrordpress.com is not open in your browser.
“Browser notifications give you a real-time sense of your readers’ reactions, allowing you to stay more engaged with your audience,” said Matt Sherman, one of Automattic’s JavaScript engineers who worked on the feature.

As any other browser notifications, the Wordpress Browser Notification is meant to work on increasing the user-engagement. Read this article to know the entire story.

Planning to try web push notification for your website? Click here to get started for free, in less than 5 minutes.

Visit our website to know more about Web Push Notifications.

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