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Why Quick Service Restaurants Are Adopting Web Push Notification To Drive User Engagement And Sales [Use Case]

Online food delivery presently offers more than $210 billion market opportunity. Food Delivery is thus in an extremely competitive space. Gradually, users will prefer to buy food online and at a higher frequency. The youth especially frequently order online and try out something new and interesting. Did you know that millennials order pizza 10 times in a month?  


Both mobile and desktop web form a critical part of user acquisition and engagement strategy. With fresh food high on demand, there lies a huge opportunity to take your business to the next level.


Web push notifications is the ultimate solution to leverage geographical targeting and communicate in a timely fashion. As users use both desktop as well as mobile, what better to implement than push notification to reach out to the target audience. They are swift and drive repeat visits, encouraging people to make a purchase. With web push, it becomes easy to segment users based on their behavior and sends them relevant notifications.

Web Push Notifications

e-commerce affiliates

Early Adapters


Some Brilliant Use Cases

FreshMenu is an online platform that enables the users to order food and receive delivery service. They wanted to grow not only by acquiring new customers but also in building a loyal engaged customer base and drive repeat transactions.  Freshmenu implemented iZooto's web push notification and within 4 months of adoption, acquired over 125K Loyal Subscribers in just 4 months. They also got an average of 17% growth in visits week on week. With customers in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai FreshMenu are able to send location-based notifications.

Weekend offers


Target Audience: NCR 

Ideal Time : 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Click Through Rate : 15% - 20%

Weekends are the busiest, especially for a company dealing with food. Push notifications sent out on weekends got higher click-through rates than the notifications sent on weekdays. 

Monday Motivation


Target Audience: All Regions 

Ideal Time : 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Click Through Rate : 10% - 15%

What best way to get rid of Monday blues than eating amazing food? Monday calls for some tasty food to make you feel better. Grab this opportunity and turn it to your advantage by pushing out a notification.

Special deals


Target Audience: All Regions 

Ideal Time : 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Click Through Rate : 5% - 10%

Offering users attractive offers drives them to your website. What’s better than good food which goes light on the pocket. Amazing discount offers make people want to click on your notification. 

Cuisines of the world 


Target Audience: Bengaluru

Ideal Time : 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Click Through Rate : 10% - 15%

Spice up your notification incorporating new cuisines and dishes. People want to try something new and different. Different cuisines spark curiosity among people and the desire to try something new.


Want to give web push notification a spin? You can now push notifications for FREE. Visit to know more.

Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin is a Product Marketer at iZooto. An artist who paints not only with words, but also on canvas. She loves exploring places less traveled and wishes to go on a bike trip to the highest motorable road.

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