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11 Tips to Revamp the Performance of Your Magento Store

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11 Tips to Revamp the Performance of Your Magento Store

In this fast-moving world, advancement is in the air especially in the e-commerce industry, where a good web presence is the soul of your business. Your website must be attractive enough to sustain in this competitive world. When we discuss e-stores, Magento seems to be the king of web development. The reason behind it is the enormous features which it possesses to produce an engaging shopping store. But, only creating a Magento store does not fulfill your purpose if it is not well-optimized. You must explore what your website is lacking and what customization you can add to produce noticeable results. If people do not find your store compelling enough to retain on the website, there would be a drastic decrease in traffic and sales.

Tips to produce fruitful results for your Magento Store

Simplify the Checkout Process

A major reason for cart abandonment is an annoying checkout process where it takes more than a minute to finish a transaction.  As per few studies, an average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 69% that can be managed easily if you provide your users with a brief, secure, easy and intuitive checkout process.

Enabling the ‘Guest Checkout Option’ is a good idea to bring in high-end flexibility into your Magento store. Increase in sales is an added benefit here along with catering other profitable aspects of a business. Another popular method to improve the sales is to incorporate ‘PayPal Express Checkout’ in your Magento store. PayPal already stores all the necessary details of a customer and they can place orders without moving to the shopping cart and checkout pages.

PayPal Express Checkout magentoYou only need to enable a PayPal Express Checkout button on your Magento store.

The future of web payment seems brighter as claimed in the Google IO 2017 summit, a new version of web payment that can drastically improve the process of online payment. It might prove to be an easy way to buy something with minimum clicks in your Magento store.

Optimize Images

Images are the core element of any e-commerce website. Using an optimum size of an image is necessary for a frictionless performance. Heavy images impact on the performance of a website, especially the pages that are heavily loaded with images.

Using a CDN to serve the images is a beneficial approach. This allows loading of pictures from a secondary server and prevents unnecessary load on your server during page loading.

List of tools that you can use in your Magento store-

Cloudinary: An interesting image manipulation tool that provides a feasible solution for all image-related needs in the cloud.

Cloudianary for magento store

JPEGmini: This tool allows compression of the image size from 70-80% without compromising the quality.

JPEGmini for magento store

Cloudfare: It is the best place to make websites, mobile apps and e-commerce stores safe and faster.Cloudflare for magento store

Use Extensions

There are lots of Magento extensions that can enable fast caching and significantly reduce the page load time.

Major 2 out of them are-

Turpentine is available free of cost and is based on Varnish. Whereas Full Page Cache is a paid tool and contains a large number of premium features that can enhance the functionality of a Magento store.

Use Transparent Stock Management

Product display is an asset for the e-commerce world, but it is a dilemma whether you can show all the products or only those which are in stock. Showing the list of all the products is a beneficial approach for SEO. But not listing them if they are not currently available is better for the users as they will receive less noise in product search.

Running in parallel, if a customer is looking for an item and finds a 'sold out' message, it may create a negative impact on his perception about your Magento store. In a nutshell, you should always put your customers on the top of your priority list and your actions must reflect the same.

Embed Rich Content

A rich and unique content with no errors is what helps increase organic search traffic. Good content drives traffic and they will happily share your content within their eligible zone of friends and relatives.

A good content is an asset for your business, but its poor usage can kill your credibility. Therefore, make sure as a Magento store owner to use quality content that can uplift you instead of putting you down.

Follow Easy Navigation with Mobile Responsive Designs

It is a good practice to ensure that your Magento store loads quickly on all mobile devices. With this, you will acquire immense traffic from mobile shoppers and site’s usability will improve as well.

A clean navigation is an added advantage especially if you have a responsive web design. A responsive design is incorporated into the overall structure of an e-commerce store by resolving other related issues.

Mobile Responsive Design for Magento store

There are few smart tips for navigation that can create pretty good results such as a bold main menu with easy connection to every section and products of the website, and breadcrumbs for easy navigation and landing.

Implement Improved Magento Search Techniques

The performance of a website depends on the type of platform. When it comes to Magento, the native installation has inbuilt useful features. Few of them are ready to use while the rest might demand some sort of customization.

The effective search mechanism in Magento allows catalog searching that is highly fast and accurate by the integration of AJAX search algorithms. Better search results produce more sales inturn.

There are constant modifications running in the digital marketplace to improve the businesses with the best-in-class tools and in this context, iZooto web push notifications act as a good resource. This tool allows sending personalized notifications for e-commerce businesses to their users for any new product alert or flash sales.

Internationalism and Localization

If you want to sell products through your Magento store, it is mandatory to showcase them in the respective languages and currencies. Magento makes it easy to deliver the same catalog for different currencies where you are not supposed to build a new website for a specific region or country.

Integrate Multiple Payment Methods

As e-commerce is rising fast, the online stores need to embed each functionality at its best to deliver desired results. Payment options are one of the integral elements of every shopping website, if not implemented right, could hamper your website’s performance and impact sales.

Single payment option is now obsolete and people prefer to have multiple payment options when they shop anything from an e-commerce store. It is not necessary that the payment method which a website is opting will be feasible for all.

Major payment methods that a Magento powered website possesses are PayPal, American Visa, Visa Card, Master Card, etc.

Clear Database Frequently

If you want your Magento e-commerce store to run smoothly, it is important to clear your database log frequently. Many online merchants keep a bulk of database with irrelevant data which results in a slow loading website.

Although database cleaning is not an easy task, implementing it can definitely reduce the load time of a website.

Focus on Wish List Creation

It is not mandatory that every visitor who likes something at your Magento store will purchase the same right away. Customers might want to select the particular product type or explore more with an intent to purchase later on.

So, it is your responsibility to give them the required flexibility to save their favorite list in their cart or wishlist so that they can purchase as per their convenience.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are running a business, a thorough analysis of the above points can do aspired changes in its growth. After taking these steps into consideration, you can notice an improvement in the page load time of your Magento store. Just have an eye on the loopholes of your Magento store design and try to implement these tips. You will soon have a stellar Magento store that is perfect in all respects.


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