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5 Blogging Habits That You Need To Drop Right Now

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5 Blogging Habits That You Need To Drop Right Now

If you read any advice on content marketing, it will probably tell you to launch a blog. That's hardly surprising. But there are some blogging habits that you need to stop. Blogging is proven to increase leads and sales and to build authority, and the latest statistics from the Content Marketing Institute show that:

RuleBook for Engaging with Blogger, the 'right way' [Podcast]

Naina Redhu is a luxury & lifestyle photographer and a blogger. Naina has been blogging for over 12 years now, covering visual stories that she experiences in her daily life. Some of the biggest brands have collaborated with her for storytelling and photography and sometimes she shares her first hand experiences with no branded agenda. Back in 2004, Naina’s blog focused on anything interesting and creative under the sun. Brands had barely accepted the internet and the millennials were still getting out of college and not everything was on Social Media. The world has moved fast - from a stage of non acceptance, to a time when every single person and every brand has become active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and of course Twitter. Here are excerpts from Vivek Khandelwal’s conversation with Naina Redhu on the ideal brand blogger engagement and her experience as an entrepreneur, blogger and photographer.

The Art of Impactful Copywriting [Framework and Best Practices]

What is copywriting? For the uninitiated, Mad Men trivialized the idea of Copywriting. But again, in all honesty the word “Copy” does belong to the world of media. It was originally the media agencies where the “copywriters” along with the “creative” counterparts created ads to convey a message using radio or TV. This is how we traditionally understood copy. Though the word Copy essentially comes from latin and means “giving permission to transcribe”. Having said that, in an age where we fiddle with a dozen media platforms and half a dozen content formats, the word copy no more stands for “one-liners-to-sweep-you-away” Gone are the days where a size-fits-all approach.

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  • Aug 19, 2016

This Is How Bloggers Are Leveraging Web Push Notifications

Understanding how bloggers can start using push notifications and engage their web users. Web Push Notifications have emerged as the preferred tool for bloggers for user engagement. Some of the existing tools that bloggers use frequently to communicate with their existing users include - email newsletter, RSS feed subscription apart from social media platforms. Web/ Browser push notifications offer a fresh solution for bloggers to not only build a loyal subscriber base but also communicate swiftly. Here are some reasons why push notifications are better or preferred, over email newsletter for user communication:

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