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How Web Push Notifications Help you Build Recall and Customer Loyalty

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How Web Push Notifications Help you Build Recall and Customer Loyalty

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? Chances are it’s been a while and you’ve since forgotten what the ad was about. Over the years, internet users have become oblivious to banner advertising. As Andrew Chen writes, growth is getting hard from intense competition. Here's a graph that exemplifies the sharp decline in performance of retargeting ads.

How Web Push Notifications for Small Businesses act as a Stepping Stone to Success

Only two-thirds of small businesses survive almost for 2 years and those who survive, only sustain for 5. What is it with SMBs falling apart in such a short span of time? Read on to know how web push can help small businesses overcome the roadblocks and transform their business, by engaging, retaining, retargeting and ultimately increasing sales.

No More 1-Click Subscription On HTTP Websites? Here's What You Should Do.

Web push notifications as a communication channel is meant to work on HTTPS websites only. HTTP websites availed web push notifications by creating sub-domains on HTTPS, making it a two-step subscription process. In the first step, websites can set up the context with an interactive message on a custom dialog box while the actual subscription prompt appears in the second step.

Getting Started with Drip Push Notification Campaigns (Plus a Free Template)

Adblocker adoption is shooting through the roof. Display ads are barely clicked on. Email is not scalable. In essence, growth is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. We get it. It is not just user acquisition, user engagement is becoming equally difficult. Extending a layer of automation is obvious to a marketing tool. Here is a guide that talks about how you can use Drip Notification Campaigns to automate redundant tasks and put them on autopilot.

Permission UX: Web Push Permission Prompts To Delight Your Users

There is a reason why users aren’t subscribing to your notifications as they should. Here is a question you need to answer - What is the ‘right time’ to push out a web push notification? Here is a hint - it is definitely not forcing the users to act on a prompt as soon as your website loads. Read on to know what permission UX is and how you can delight your customers.

Join The Webinar To Know Why You Should Consider Web Push For Your Website

Web push is in the spotlight and all for the right reasons. The newbie on the block has made an effortless place in the marketing world. With its succinct, timely and customization features, web push has emerged as one of the best marketing channels. With more than 18 billion web push sent every year, marketers have been intrigued with its capability and are adopting it rapidly to drive repeat traffic, generate leads and to boost sales. Eager to setup web push notification on your website? In this webinar we will discuss in detail ‘How you can leverage web push notification for your website’.

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