10 Ways To Create Effective E-commerce Call To Action Buttons For Your Website

Your e-commerce store is ready with a stunning design and easy navigation. A considerable amount of time is spent in adding bells and whistles while fine-tuning the website. But, alas, the visitors are not Adding Products To Their Cart! So what is it that is stopping a visitor from becoming your customer? It is probably the lack of focus you have paid on crafting an effective Call to Action (CTA) button.

Chrome Notifications Just Got A Makeover

Introducing Chrome Rich Push Notifications Everyone likes makeovers. Alright. Not everyone. But every once in awhile, it is good to go for a makeover and come back refreshed. This is exactly what Chrome has done with web push notifications. And yes, we are super excited about it.

API Release: Introducing Call To Action Buttons

We have just shipped one of the most critical updates to iZooto's Notification API. Starting today, we have added support for CTA buttons to our notification API. This currently is applicable only for Chrome ( Ver 48 onwards). Crisp and clear Call To Action buttons are extremely powerful. Succinctly crafted CTA's help in handholding users to take a specific path. Chrome had enabled CTA Buttons almost way back in Dec last year. Check out this infographic on how Chrome has evolved in the past one year.

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