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12 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress E-commerce Site For Crazy Conversions

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12 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress E-commerce Site For Crazy Conversions

One might think an e-commerce business would have more visitors making purchases than brick-and-mortar stores, where merchants need to deal with foot traffic and window shoppers. It makes sense in theory, right?

How To Create An Awesome About Us Page That Converts (For E-commerce Stores)

When you start off with a new store, you might get caught in a whirlpool and end up being just ‘another store’ in this noisy e-commerce realm. To stand out, you will need more than just an attractive e-commerce store and amazing products. Read on to know how an About Us page can help you build trust to get cash flowing.

Proven Tricks to Generate More Online Reviews for your E-commerce Store

70% of users read and consult an online review before making a purchase. Reviews have become a validator for users to actually consider to buy the product and then finally convert. But not every user would write a review once they buy a product. Read on to know how you can encourage users to leave a review to influence others to make a purchase. 

Pearls of Wisdom For The First-Gen Entrepreneur To Build An E-commerce Store

Every single year, thousands of individuals set out to build a business of their own. But, Forbes estimates that 9 out of 10 of them fail! Can you believe it? There is a 90%failure ratein building your own business. And if you are planning to develop an e-commerce storeof your own, things don’t change much.

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