How Web #PushNotifications are Helping Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry consists of various segments under it's fold. In this post we are focusing mainly on the publishers under the entertainment vertical. Entertainment industry is the one that has been experiencing highest opt-in rates as compared to other industries for push notifications.    Furthermore, the industry verticals with the highest long-term retention rates were identified as media and sports, respectively.   Challenges around effective user engagement for the publishers of entertainment industry Today the publishers from entertainment industry are facing varied obstacles that weren't significant a decade ago including the demand of multi-channel and multi-platform content. E-mail as an user engagement tool is not much effective as most of the e-mails gets flagged as spam. Building an app is not only an expensive affair, but also doesn't justify the ROI. Moreover,with so many apps being launched everyday, the user is left confused and hence tends to abandon apps after the first usage Delayed messages -Apart from the character limitation, there are chances of a SMS getting delayed, hence making it completely irrelevant. Timing is something entertainment and news industry can not afford to go wrong with. You absolutely can't afford a breaking news to get delayed. Can you? Communication barrier- Not all communication channels provide multi-language support, making it difficult for the user to relate to the message. What has changed and Why? Earlier, these publishers were focused more on apps and emails for user engagement, but with the gradual shift from app to web, website push notifications are gaining popularity. Besides the cost effectiveness of web push notifications as compared to apps, there are few other  factors mentioned below that have contributed towards the high acceptance of web push notifications as an user engagement tool.     While most of the e-mails get flagged as spam, web push notifications show a higher CTR (10x) than e-mails.     Desktop web usage still counts for major chunk of the internet time, becoming a major factor for the success of web push.  

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