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PWA And Their Importance For Businesses [Infographic]

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PWA And Their Importance For Businesses [Infographic]

PWA could be described as a mix of a mobile app and a web page, pulling the best elements of both and  creating a cool new user experience. It makes use of some of the modern web capabilities to deliver an app like experience to its users. PWAs have to meet certain requirements that make them work like an app. With the additional benefit of its searchability via URLs and search engine; PWA has an upper hand compared to Apps.

Framework To Create A Brilliant Content Plan : Keyword Research

If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it one more time: The processes you put in place to manage your content marketing will be unique. Your story is (or should be) unique, and so too will be your method for telling it. Planning is essential in every business. Without proper planning, it all breaks down into shambles. One spends a large amount of time planning the marketing strategy, whether to promote via email, browser push notifications and social media and more than often we miss out on the most important part - the content. Without attractive and intelligently weaved content, all your hard work on your marketing plan goes in vain. Content planning is as essential as any other planning.

The Framework To Create A Brilliant Content Plan : Content Creation

What to Create new content for your blog? Followed by keyword research, the next stage of any Content Plan is Content Creation. This stage is supposedly the most crucial one as this is what will make or break your entire Content Marketing Plan. You need to be sure about the framework you choose for your content piece. Here is the perfect content framework that is advised to be followed for writing a good content.

The Framework To Create A Brilliant Content Plan : Content Distribution

Content Distribution is the next evolution of Content Marketing. Though, There is no denying that Content Planning begins with a vigorous keyword research and creating value-adding content, but the next in process and an equivalently significant stage is Content Distribution.

Why Facebook Is Too Big to Ignore for Your Ecommerce Store

Many eCommerce businesses are struggling to get traffic to their store. They really want to get traffic and customers but they don't know how to go about attracting visitors. If you search online, you get bombarded with many strategies and you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you can feel hopeless and helpless, but, you shouldn't. Why? Because there's thousands of businesses out there that have figured out how to sell. 

Evolution Of Chrome Web Push Notification [Infographic]

Google Chrome is widely used across the globe on both mobile and desktop. Chrome has always tried to bring out the best in them and strive to bring innovative change in every new update that they bring. So there were no surprises when it became the first browser to support web push notifications in Chrome 42.

Step by Step Guide To Understand Your Target Audience Better [Infographic]

What is Target Audience? The target audience is a set or group of people with same or maybe similar traits like - demographic, behavioral, psychographic, lifestyle, life stage etc. This target audience is the one who are most likely to show interest in your product or service and gain value out of it.

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