Setting Up Web Push Notifications: The Right Way

Web Push Notifications is hitting the sky nowadays. It brought a relief to marketers and developers globally.  What helps this star to shine among many marketing tools, is that all the Browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) easily support it.

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  • Sep 16, 2016

Here is How Local Time Notification Delivery To Help You Reach Users at the Right Time [New Feature]

Local Time Notification Delivery with iZooto, that started off a blog covering technology and startup news, over the years has turned into a full-fledged News and Opinion site and attracts users globally. Arun ( owner of ) has been using iZooto for quite some time and with a user base of over 20K subscribers, Arun drives repeat traffic in 5 digits to Trak using web push. Every Monday morning Arun publishes a post titled Weekly recap, covering the key events of last week. Like many other readers, I look forward to that. Its short, yet exhaustive. Arun pushes the notification at 9.30 AM Indian Standard Time. Had it been business as usual, this notification would have reached the US subscribers at 11PM on Sunday Night, in London at 4AM and pissed off users. But nope - with iZooto's Local Time Notification delivery, notification are sent as per user's local time - which means the subscribers in London got the notification at 9.30 AM GMT ( 3PM IST)

Guide for Magento Web Push Notification Integration

After generating the iZooto SDK for your site, you can take the next step with this Magento Web Push Notification Integration guide and start sending web push notification to your web users.

Guide for .Net Web Push Integration

Hope you've already generated the iZooto SDK for your site and have the integration instructions with you. Now take the next step with this .Net Web Push Integration Guide start sending web push notification to your web users.

Guide for Shopify Web Push Notification Integration

Hope you're already signed up on and have the integration instructions with you. Following instructions will help you place the js tag for Shopify web push notification integration - Quick And Easy. Please note that you won't be able to integrate an HTTPS site on shopify as for HTTPS sites we require two files - manifest.json, service-worker.js to be placed at root directory and shopify framework doesn't provide access to root directory. However, for your HTTPS website you can select HTTP protocol at sign-up and integrate the js tag as per following instructions. The js tag generated on HTTP works on both the protocols - HTTP as well as HTTPS.

Here is the Guide to integrate iZooto in 5 mins

How to guide to add the iZooto tag using Google Tag Manager. You can get started with web push notifications in less than 5 minutes using Tag Manager. Tags helps you measure traffic and optimize your online marketing, but all that code is cumbersome to manage. It often takes too long to add new tags on your website or update the new ones. This is where Google Tag Manager can help you.  GTM is a brilliant tool for marketers and product managers to skip product releases for deploying code. Here is how you can add the iZooto Tag using Google Tag Manager:

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