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7 Powerful Live Chat Experiments to Boost your E-commerce Sales

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7 Powerful Live Chat Experiments to Boost your E-commerce Sales

The number of US online shoppers who use live chat has escalated from 38% to 58% in the last 5 years. From 2014 to 2018, chat volumes are predicted to increase by 24%. Read more to understand how you can unlock conversions and drive customer satisfaction with messaging.

Why Your OnPage Chat Is Not Working? [How To Fix It]

We had rolled out the first version of our product in March. It was only in April when we saw a spike in customers signing up and we started getting lot of support enquiries. The reason for the latter was obvious - the product was broken. While we nearly choked on the support requests, we ended up creating a Ver 2 of the product. While the queries continued to flow in, the questions were different. The learning was simple - constant customer interaction and hand holding can prove to be extremely critical, especially when you are driving product adoption. The feedback that flows in, is worth its weight in gold. But again, not every beta user is an email fan and unless you are speaking to everyone ( less likely ), you will potentially be missing out on lot of feedback. It was at this stage, we decided to extend onpage chat as a support channel. The idea was simple - capture feedback whenever you can. And hence started our hunt for drilling down to the ultimate chat tool. We had a very clear requirement - we wanted to talk to people who are inside our product. Nothing more. Nothing less. We played with as many as 7 tools ( we rejected lot many ) and finally drilled down to Drift for onpage chat. I will talk about the choice in detail but before that here is how we went around with our primary research.

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  • Dec 13, 2016

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