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Magento Vs Shopify : Which One Should You Choose? [Infographic]

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Magento Vs Shopify : Which One Should You Choose? [Infographic]

The Enterprise Guide to Global E-commerce anticipates that there will be a 246.5% increase in worldwide e-commerce sales, going from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021.

11 Tips to Revamp the Performance of Your Magento Store

In this fast-moving world, advancement is in the air especially in the e-commerce industry, where a good web presence is the soul of your business. Your website must be attractive enough to sustain in this competitive world. When we discuss e-stores, Magento seems to be the king of web development. The reason behind it is the enormous features which it possesses to produce an engaging shopping store. But, only creating a Magento store does not fulfill your purpose if it is not well-optimized. You must explore what your website is lacking and what customization you can add to produce noticeable results. If people do not find your store compelling enough to retain on the website, there would be a drastic decrease in traffic and sales.

How to Create Your E-commerce Store With Magento

Magento has always been a favorite amongst the serious e-commerce entrepreneurs. Especially, when it comes to finding the most reliable and scalable e-commerce platform. Magento is the leading e-commerce platform for the Alexa top 1 million sites. This is because it is robust and scalable and is actively enhanced by a community of developers. They are very focused on making it an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform. It has been a boon for SMEs who have now a cost-effective way to overcome the e-commerce technology hurdle.

Guide for Magento Web Push Notification Integration

After generating the iZooto SDK for your site, you can take the next step with this Magento Web Push Notification Integration guide and start sending web push notification to your web users.

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