Powerful Strategies For Shopify Stores To Activate Dormant Customers

An average e-commerce business allocates 80% of its budget on acquisition, while 41% of overall revenue comes from repeat customers. That’s almost half of the revenue you can bag without leaping into acquisition costs. Learn more about how you can turn your dormant customers into repeat customers and loyal advocates.

UX Trends That Will Make You Reconsider Your Marketing Strategy

70% of the buying experience depends on the user experience, which is the key factor in differentiating you from your competitors. 50% of websites get only 15 seconds of attention, says Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat. 88% of users will not return to your website after a bad experience. 88% is BIG. But again, all is not lost. Marketers are increasingly doing a revamp of their marketing strategy with UX as their core focus. It is important to understand the user a bit more before we jump on the UX bandwagon.

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