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10+ Push Notification Templates To Recover Abandoned Cart

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10+ Push Notification Templates To Recover Abandoned Cart

In E-commerce, there is no escaping cart abandonment. The average cart abandonment rate is...

Welcome Notification Templates For A Lasting First Experience

Robert Cialdini's book, Influence - The Psychology of persuasion talks about 6 comprehensi...

How to Leverage Web Push Notifications for Travel Industry and Hospitality Industries to Engage & Retarget

With new technological advancements in travel industry and hospitality, traditional travel...

  • 8 min read
  • Aug 18, 2017

First Principles For Marketing To Millennials

They are setting new trends, they are making their moms proud and while they are at it, th...

6 Web Push Notification Experiments You Need To Try Right Now

Experiments are time consuming. Yes. But are they worth your time? Totally!

Why Shopify Users Should Use Web Push Notifications

If you are an e-commerce website, what will be your first motive other than to generate sa...

iOS Push Notifications: Are we there yet? (Hint: Almost) [2019]

Update # 1 - Webkit team has started development on web app manifest. Latest status here.

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