Why Your Customers Are Leaving and How To Retain Them

It is almost an endless rat race when it comes to acquiring new customers. An unremitting, exhaustive experience for marketers; as it not only consumes time, but it’s also hard on the wallet. Some marketers are fully engrossed in acquiring new users, that they unknowingly start ignoring their money-making customers. Ultimately, they end up gaining few users, but lose many more. It is one vicious cycle. In fact, Forrester reports that70% of CMOs did not list retention as a top priority.

How To Improve Customer Retention Rate On Your Website

By ranking high in Google search results, your website might be exposed to thousands of daily visitors. However, it doesn’t really matter how much traffic you get, if your visitors don’t revisit your website. What matters is the number of users who stay and convert into loyal customers.

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