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5 Must Use SaaS Tools For Online Retail Stores

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5 Must Use SaaS Tools For Online Retail Stores

Retailers were content with the brick and mortar just before the world moved online. They had a flourishing business going until the realization hit them hard. Even their loyal users preferred shopping from the comfort of their homes rather than buy something from retail stores. More than 50% of consumers claim they purchased more on the web than from physical stores. With more than 800 alternative options available online, shoppers find it easy to browse, compare and buy accordingly.

Simple Yet Effective Usability Tips For A SaaS Startup

Running an online business is hard enough. Marketing of Cloud based SaaS product is different from other marketing; to start with, it is a B2B product. It might not make sense to users in the first go. It is constantly evolving due to the never ending innovations in technology, making it difficult to keep the users updated. A SaaS startup faces numerous hurdles, especially when it comes to building their subscriber base.

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