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5 Must have Segments to Optimize your E-commerce Marketing

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5 Must have Segments to Optimize your E-commerce Marketing

Only 40% of marketers think they have their marketing in place. If you are part of the other 60%, this article is exactly what you need. Read on to know all about behavioral segmentation and how it can help you create a delightful user experience. It’s time to stop being spammy, stop throwing money on every single user and stop burying your head in the sand.

Introducing Event Based Segmentation, Recurring Notifications and More [Product Updates]

Everything that we shipped in May was built with a single focus - driving more impact. This also falls in line with our bigger objective of building a marketing automation solution using web push notifications. Here are the three most important and exciting features that we shipped in the month of May:

User Profiling - Now Segment Your Users Better! [New Feature Release]

Team iZooto is always striving to make push notifications more effective as a channel for our customers. When we realized that users could be targeted better, we went one step ahead, and further drilled down the segmentation process. And thus, was born an amazing new feature. We bring to you this new feature, ‘User Profiling’, which allows you to segment your users better and send personalized notifications.

How User Segmentation Can Help You Personalize Better

You need users to visit your website, to engage and finally to make a transaction. What if I tell you that the users will need you more; rather than the other way round? Surprised? Don't be. 54% users are actively shopping online, especially with millennials driving the shift. 40% of these made more than 7 transactions and more after segmentation!

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