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How to Pull Off your Push Notification Timing for E-Commerce

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How to Pull Off your Push Notification Timing for E-Commerce

As an e-commerce Marketer, you must be asking this question to yourself quite often. Almost everyday you must be in this dilemma to understand WHEN you should engage your users. Now what if I tell you, this post has got this answer for you? That would be great. Right? 

Here is How Local Time Notification Delivery To Help You Reach Users at the Right Time [New Feature]

Local Time Notification Delivery with iZooto Trak.in, that started off a blog covering technology and startup news, over the years has turned into a full-fledged News and Opinion site and attracts users globally. Arun ( owner of Trak.in ) has been using iZooto for quite some time and with a user base of over 20K subscribers, Arun drives repeat traffic in 5 digits to Trak using web push. Every Monday morning Arun publishes a post titled Weekly recap, covering the key events of last week. Like many other readers, I look forward to that. Its short, yet exhaustive. Arun pushes the notification at 9.30 AM Indian Standard Time. Had it been business as usual, this notification would have reached the US subscribers at 11PM on Sunday Night, in London at 4AM and pissed off users. But nope - with iZooto's Local Time Notification delivery, notification are sent as per user's local time - which means the subscribers in London got the notification at 9.30 AM GMT ( 3PM IST)

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