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Future Of Web Payments- Google IO 2017 [Day 2]

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Future Of Web Payments- Google IO 2017 [Day 2]

After an information packed Day 1 at Google IO 2017, there was hardly any relief on Day 2 as it had much more to offer. It focused on how web is getting better than ever with richer experiences. It thus blurred the lines between apps and itself. Apart from a seamless experience, it has also made the life of users very simple. "Mobile Ecommerce is huge. US mcommerce sales will be over $15 billion this year"- eMarketer

3 New Reasons Why You Should Build A Progressive Web App

Progressive web app came into being in 2015, decoding and connecting every loophole in the functioning of websites and apps and turning it into an amazing thing called a ‘web app’.

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