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Evolution Of Chrome Web Push Notification [Infographic]

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Evolution Of Chrome Web Push Notification [Infographic]

Google Chrome is widely used across the globe on both mobile and desktop. Chrome has always tried to bring out the best in them and strive to bring innovative change in every new update that they bring. So there were no surprises when it became the first browser to support web push notifications in Chrome 42.

From Chrome 42 to Chrome 53, it was one of a kind journey of innovation, revolution and transformation of web push notifications. Push notifications have changed the way marketers function and has evolved the concept of marketing in a way no one ever imagined. Now, Chrome pushes 18 billion push notifications everyday and over 50K websites use web push notifications. This infographic projects the major milestones in the development of Chrome web push notifications from the day of initiation to the present.


Chrome Web Push Notification

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Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin is a Product Marketer at iZooto. An artist who paints not only with words, but also on canvas. She loves exploring places less traveled and wishes to go on a bike trip to the highest motorable road.

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