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Introducing Web Push Notification CTA with Chrome 48 [New Feature]

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Introducing Web Push Notification CTA with Chrome 48 [New Feature]

Chrome launches web push notification CTA for chrome 48 and above.

Android devices across the world today are updating that one app which will allow developers to disrupt the user experience. Chrome in Android devices just got updated to the latest Chrome48 Version ( Read release notes here) with little noise. While for banana users the browser is still pretty much the same - crashes less, works better, more secure and loads web pages faster - there are some real exciting updates that have hit the ground.
web push notification CTAWe at iZooto, have been working hard to ensure that developers, partners and brands working with us are able to leverage the latest updates as quickly as possible. We were one of the early one to play around with #Chrome48 in its beta mode and here is a quick preview of what all changes will truly help you disrupt the experience of users:

Introducing Custom Call To Action Buttons with Chrome48

web push notification CTA Notifications with Action Buttons

web push notification CTA















Here is quick breakdown of what all can be done with Chrome48:

  • You can now add upto 2 action buttons for yourself. These two buttons can be used to trigger different actions - for eg triggering the playstore or triggering the dialer.
  • The title / description of the notification itself can be linked to a different landings pages.
  • The Settings button with the icon which occupied bulk of real estate in the earlier notification is now reduced to only a button size.

With this release, Chrome48 as a browser is one step closer to the full blown mobile app experience.

Stay tuned for latest updates on browsers, service workers :)

Shrikant Kale
Shrikant Kale
Shrikant R Kale, our very own SRK, is the Product Head at iZooto. An IIM-C product, he is looked up to for his dedication and calm demeanor. This passionate bike-lover can be easily spotted in our office 24*7 (almost!). Follow him on twitter: @shrikantkale

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