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6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your First E-commerce Store

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6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your First E-commerce Store

The e-commerce business is increasing with each passing day. Today's tech-savvy people prefer shopping online rather than going to a brick and mortar shop to buy products. The e-commerce business is increasing with each passing day. This trend has given birth to several shopping websites. Apart from this, several small and big players are entering the e-commerce world almost every day. To be honest, creating an e-commerce store, keeping it live 24*7, and running it successfully is a really challenging job in itself. It requires a team of well-trained professionals, purchase of the latest software, Antivirus, Firewall, hosting server and its regular updating and website revamping from time-to-time.

There are many entrepreneurs who have restricted budget and resources for the creation and operation of an e-commerce store. So, despite the availability of different e-commerce platforms, most of the website owners want to migrate their existing e-commerce websites to the WordPress.

As a matter of fact, WordPress is an excellent CMS. It can easily be used for creating an e-commerce store for small and medium scale businesses. Check out the Key benefits you enjoy when you take your e-commerce  store to WordPress:

1. Less Financial Burden

As we all know, running an e-commerce  store is an expensive affair. WordPress is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. You can install WordPress on your system without spending a single penny and create different kinds of websites easily and quickly. You just have to pay for a domain name, the hosting server, premium themes and plugins (if you use any). This helps you to cut the website operational cost up to a great extent as you don't need to hire a team of expert professionals to run and manage your e-commerce website. With careful planning and help of a few staff, you can easily manage a WordPress e-commerce site.

2. A Boon For Those Who aren’t Tech savvy

Most of the people relinquish their dream of having a well-designed e-commerce  store because of the lack of the knowledge of different programming languages and website building skills. For such people, WordPress is a god gifted boon. You can easily operate and manage a WordPress e-commerce website without editing even a single line of code. The availability of lots of free and premium WordPress themes, plugins, shortcodes has enabled non-coders to manage WordPress sites like professionals and meet business objectives easily. WordPress offers plugins for different website functionalities and features.

3. Search Engine Optimization Becomes A Lot Easier

In simple words, search engine optimization is the process to optimize websites for search engines and increase their visibility on the WWW. It helps e-retailers to get in touch with genuine shoppers and sell their products and services in maximum numbers. The better your site performs in the SERPs of different search engines, the more business opportunities you get.

e-commerce website optimization is not a child's play. Due to the rapidly changing status of products on the website, changing the mood of buyers, and frequent updates in Google's algorithm, most of the SEO professionals struggling to maintain the decent ranking of their website on major search engines.

Fortunately, WordPress offers a number of SEO plugins. You can use them to perform different SEO activities rightly and improve the SEO ranking of your e-commerce store easily. Have a look at some excellent WordPress SEO plugins:

WordPress SEO plugins Roles
Yoast SEO A helping hand in WordPress website optimization. Very popular among WordPress website owners.
Broken Link Checker Helps you to eliminate broken links on your WordPress site
W3 Total Cache Makes your website faster.
Google XML Sitemaps Helps you to create an XML sitemap for your website.
RB Keyword Research Plugin Helps you to find suitable keywords under your niche


4. Increased Website Security

An e-commerce store contains sensitive details of customers. So, hackers and cybercriminals attack e-commerce websites with malicious content, redirects, malware, spam, phishing pages, etc, to steal sensitive information/details for financial benefits or destroy the e-commerce business completely. When an e-commerce website is hacked by cybercriminals, it's very difficult to restore the site once again and get back the lost reputation, money, data, etc.

You get some respite while operating a WordPress e-commerce store. WordPress sends you several notifications to update the software, plugins, themes, etc. Apart from giving other benefits to users, the latest WordPress updates are aimed at eliminating the security loopholes of WordPress sites.

You can also take some steps to protect your website. WordPress offers a number of security plugins that can protect an e-commerce  store from a wide range of security vulnerabilities. See some options given here below:

WordPress security plugins Main functions
WP-DBManager Protects your WordPress site's database.
iThemes Security Protects your site from a wide range of security issues.
WP Antivirus Site Protection Protects your site from malicious viruses and suspicious codes.
Wordfence Security A complete security to your site


5. Multi-Site Feature

When you make rapid progress, you think of creating websites for other locations and areas as well. All e-commerce  store owners don't have the sufficient budget to create country-specific websites separately. For such entrepreneurs, WordPress is a boon.

WordPress supports multisite network. It means that you can create multiple websites using the same WordPress install. Moreover, WordPress offers several multisite plugins to run and manage multiple WordPress e-commerce  stores easily and quickly. So, entrepreneurs can save a lot of money while operating multiple e-commerce websites. Have a look at some excellent multisite plugins:

WordPress Multisite Plugins Main functions
Multisite Robots.txt Manager Easy Management of all robots.txt files on a WordPress Multisite Website Network
Multisite Language Switcher Provides multilingual support to a WordPress multisite
Multisite Directory Offers a customizable Network-wide site directory for WordPress Multisite installations.
Dropdown multi site selector Smooth navigation in multisite.


6. Smooth Data Integration

Always keep in mind that database is an essential part of any e-commerce  store. You must know that WordPress provides a smooth way of database integration. Create your custom SQL file and you are done. WordPress takes care of the rest. It provides all options to store your customer’s information and confidential data easily and effortlessly.

Final Words:

WordPress is an excellent CMS and SEO powerhouse which is famous for its various features. Operating WordPress e-commerce  store is not a brain teaser. You can easily manage and operate WordPress E-shops with less budget and resources, and meet the specific goals of your web-based business. Check out this article to know the WordPress plugins you can use on your e-commerce blog. 

This article is a guest post by Brandon Graves of Hirewpgeeks.


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