Retargeting Solution That Works Perfectly with your Paywall Software?

Use iZooto push notifications to retarget your audience and get more subscribers through your paywall. Get more subscribers.


Increase Paid Subscriptions by 12% with iZooto

Recover Abandoned Subscriptions 

Increase your conversions by retargeting visitors who dropped off from your paywall software with iZooto. Trigger a personalized notification automatically as soon as a reader abandons the subscription page. 


Convert Readers Into Subscribers

Got readers who just go through the free content? Nurture them with contextual and relevant content. Boost loyalty and build trust to convert them from free to paid readers.

Activate Dormant Readers

Pull back your dormant readers with content that they like and are relevant to them. Keep engaging your readers to spark their interest and get them back to your website. 


Features that help Publishers send over 30B notifications. Every Month.

Lightening Fast

iZooto processes over 30B Notifications. Every month. Got Breaking News? Event Updates? Stock alerts? - iZooto ensures your push notifications are delivered in near real time.


1-Click Integration

No more going back and forth with your IT guys. With ready plugins across popular platforms, all it takes are a few clicks for you to get started with iZooto. This makes integration quick, easy and hassle-free.


Automate your push notifications everytime you publish content using iZooto's Zapier integration.

Plan ahead with our smart scheduler - schedule your push notifications and put user engagement on autopilot.

Executing the Perfect Push Notification Campaign

Win your Audience

Segment users on the basis of the content they read and use that intelligence to send them contextual push notifications.

Use iZooto to create audiences basis topics, categories and interests to push relevant content. 

Load your notifications with the images, emojis and talk to your audience in a language they understand.

Go Hyperlocal

Want to focus on readers in a specific city? We got it. Create segments of users on the basis of their country, region, city to deliver local content.


Users behave differently on mobile than desktop which is why these segments are pre-built for you in iZooto. Create user delight by pushing notifications basis timezone.

Exclude and Include Segments

Use a combination of conditions to create sophisticated audience segments using Audience Builder.

Improve Readership with iZooto

Own Your Audience

Start taking charge of your audience now. The audience that you build with iZooto is owned by you and no one else. 

Understand Your Audience

See what content your readers are consuming and what actions are they taking on your website to create audience segments.

Nurture your Audience

Keep your audience engaged with personalized notifications throughout. Convert free readers to paid subscribers with iZooto.


Convert your visitors into an audience


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