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6 Ways To Monetize Through iZooto

Tired of poor fill rates and rampant use of Ad blockers? As a publisher, you are always exploring new revenue streams and iZooto is the perfect avenue. Monetize your visitors and start generating additional revenue today! 


Web Push

Highly viewable impressions through ads on the notification inventory. Push notification ads occupy zero pixels on the website. Each Push Notification complements your website ad inventory instead of competing with it.


App Push

Show ads to your app push notification audience. Include a notification ad and reach out to a wider audience to generate revenue. Earn additional revenue just like that without disrupting the reading experience. 


News Hub

Whenever a reader scrolls on a page, an ad flies out from the News Hub icon. It is prominently placed ensuring that it gets maximum eyeballs. An additional ad will be displayed within the News Hub.


On-Site Interactions

Unlock additional revenue streams by featuring ads on both Exit Intent and Sticky Bar Recommendations. Seamlessly enhance content discovery while simultaneously boosting your earning potential.



Email Newsletter

Monetize email subscribers! The weekly newsletter will feature one advertisement for every two articles. iZooto will also send out emails with special offers that match subscriber interests or that come from popular brands.


Ad Block Recovery

Encourage users to disable ad blockers, ensure effective ad displays and maximize on ad revenue. Nudge readers to disable ad blockers and show them an ad on the Ad Block Recovery template. 

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Web, App & Messenger Push Notifications

  • Grow Your Audience

    Turn visitors on Web, App or Messenger into loyal audience. Boost organic engagement.

  • Targeted Notifications

    Enable your team to segment audience and send targeted notifications to your readers. More clicks. More traffic. More revenue.

  • Fix your Facebook Reach and Engagement Problems

    Convert your Facebook followers into loyal audience. Every notification will land inside their Messenger inbox, simplifying content discovery.



News Hub

  • Overcome The Delivery Hurdle

    Poor network connectivity can affect dilivery rates. When opened, News Hub will show all the notifications even the ones that might not have made it to the user’s device.

  • Swipes Don't Matter Anymore

    Don't let accidental swipes hinder your CTRs and pageviews. Find all notifications on News Hub, even personalized ones.

  • Clear All Has Never Seemed So Good

    Subscribers are bound to clear off their notifications as their receive many notifications from apps and websites. News Hub ensures that all notifications are in a safe space.



On-Site Interactions

  • Flyby Visitors Stay Longer With Exit Intent Recommendations

    Retaining flybys is no easy feat, but timely interaction can be a game changer. Exit Intent Recommendations capture readers just as they're about to leave. Display contextually relevant articles to boost time on site and pageviews.

  • Combat Single Page Sessions with Sticky Bar Recommendations

    Empower fleeting visitors by suggesting interesting articles, enticing them to delve further into your content. Sticky bar recommendations appear at the bottom of the screen ensuring a seamless user journey. Supercharge on-site engagement.



Email Newsletter

  • Build Email Subscribers With One-Tap Google Opt-in

    Instil credibility and trust in readers with Google Opt-in. The simplified subscription feature streamlines sign-ups with a single tap, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Our mobile-friendly design guarantees quick and easy interactions, catering to a wide-ranging audience.

  • Automate And Forget

    Initiate email distribution effortlessly via RSS feeds, ensuring your subscribers receive the latest content directly in their inbox. With our user-friendly platform, you can tailor newsletter campaigns for your precise needs, define the frequency of emails, set the ideal time for delivery. We'll handle the rest!


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  • iZooto For Editors

    Engage users in a jiffy. We meet your execution speed to help you craft, schedule and send notifications faster, and quicker.

  • iZooto For Marketers

    Create custom audiences and target the right audience at the right time. With automated iZooto Playbooks at your disposal, remarket your audience and bring them back to your website.

  • iZooto For Product Managers

    Build your own audience and convert them into loyal subscribers. With iZooto’s multi-channel experience, get a four-fold impact while you also boost incremental revenue.

What People Are Saying

So glad a coworker recommended iZooto to us. Not only was it super simple, but I also liked how fast my subscriber base grew. It’s a great way to reach out and connect with my end-user audience instantly. It’s by far exceeding my expectations.

Jamie Young

COO & Co-Founder, Safeopedia

Using push notifications made me think that this could be the replacement for the traffic that we have lost because of Facebook. My hunch was right. Push notifications now contribute over 20% of our overall traffic. Excited about this.


CEO of Philnews.ph

Best thing about iZooto is that it's easy to use. I love the simple and extensive dashboard with all the information a publisher needs. It also has the capacity to identify the right audience mix.


Sr. Manager - Strategic Alliances, Jagran

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