With every real estate giant bombarding prospects and website visitors via email and display ads, 99acres being the fore-runner in this industry, wanted a different and fresh route to tackle their low engagement rate. They were looking for a channel that would not only provide them with quality leads but also make the engagement much more personalized and in the moment. After quite some research by the marketing team, web push notifications was chosen to be the focus channel for engagement by 99acres and that’s how they got introduced to iZooto.


The Real Estate King of India

99acres is India’s biggest property portal encompassing all needs of a consumer in the real estate industry. Buyers, sellers, brokers - everyone can list and exchange property related information quickly and effectively. With the real estate industry booming in India along with the rampant internet growth and reach, 99acres has emerged as a leader when it comes to providing consumers with any information related to buying, selling and lease across the country.


Keeping the Buying Intent Alive

99acres gets a huge monthly traffic of over 10M on their website. With daily listings for new projects, commercial spaces, and ready-to-move-in residential apartments the need to segment the communication based on the consumer’s preference and needs were getting all the more important. Of course, display ads were helping them in this regard. However, with more and more people enabling ad blockers on their browsers, the response had started to plummet.

The real estate domain calls for regular and consistent engagement with its consumers given the sheer duration and journey of the entire buying process. Buyers spend a considerable amount of time researching and comparing several projects, finance options, location choices and builder reviews before zeroing in on a single project. Which means that it becomes increasingly important to keep the buying intent alive as time passes - something that 99acres was struggling with.



Notifications Pushed


Average Daily Leads


Lead Acquisition Rate


Consistent Engagement with Automated Notifications

99acres started engaging with their subscribers on a regular basis via web push notifications. These focused on new project announcements, ongoing project alerts, easy EMI schemes, etc. Not just that, informational content too was pushed to the subscribers to educate them on best practices and current changes that affect the real estate domain. The campaigns were further automated so that mobile subscribers specifically can be targeted over the weekends too since the ‘physical hunting phase’ of any real estate provider is tentatively high around that time.


engagement notification


The idea behind these campaigns was simple - keep the subscribers engaged consistently so that the lead pipeline stays active.


engagement notification


Focusing on Contextual Campaigns Drives More Leads

The customer success team at iZooto identified the need for segmenting the subscribers of 99aces. Together, both teams created audience segments based on location choices, apartment types, and available budget. The campaigns drafted focused exclusively on a particular audience segment with the content triggering the right kind of emotion. This optimization led to almost 6% of overall leads to come from web push notifications for 99acres with increased impressions and clicks. They received leads which were much more contextual to a project which was being promoted.


filter to personalize the notification


personalized notification


Using geo-targeting 99acres also leveraged upon its international consumers ensuring that their presence doesn’t restrict to just India. The timezone feature of iZooto enabled them to send notifications to its worldwide audience at the correct time thus generating more clicks and effectively more leads.

filter basis timezone and location
location and timezone specific notification


Transforming Lead Pipeline and Increase in Engagement

After being introduced to iZooto, the marketing strategy of 99acres got a fresh breath of air with focussed and contextual campaigns which transformed their lead pipeline for good. Within 12 weeks of implementation, they acquired over 500k+ subscribers making their marketing list quite a sizable one. Engagement has been on an all-time high with the right content hitting the right set of audience.

99acres currently receives more than 100 leads on an average every day from iZooto. And its scaling really well as the count of subscribers reach almost 700,000. Web push notifications as a channel is now a major contributor of quality leads for 99acres.

"iZooto contributes a significant percentage of daily leads for 99acres. The platform has exceptional segmentation capabilities and combined with the team's commitment to ensuring success, has made this an exciting addition to our marketing strategy."

- Pankaj Soni, VP - Marketing

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