Bajaao is India’s first Shopify Plus store and leading destination for music instruments and studio equipment. As a marketplace catering to a unique audience of musicians, Bajaao's marketing team was hunting for a solution that allowed them to craft personalized messages to engage with their users without causing an ad fatigue.


Building a Paradise for Music Enthusiasts

When it comes to musical instruments and studio equipments, Bajaao is the undisputed market leader. With a wide variety of products - right from creation and production to consumption and artist relations, it is a preferred destination for musicians and artists. Since its inception in 2005, Bajaao has worked with giants like Walt Disney Studio, Sony Music and Gibson and has been ranked among world’s top 20 music retailers in 2012 by US magazine - Music Trades.


A Small Team with Not so Small Ambitions

User engagement has always been a line item for Bajaao’s marketing team. As India’s first Shopify Plus customer, the team at Bajaao has been committed to build a loyalty amongst musicians and artists. It operates in a niche market catering to a very specific section of users - musicians and artists and given the brands and products on the marketplace the average order value is far higher than industry average. Music enthusiasts invest considerable amount of time in researching for the right product, variant, brand and reviews, before placing an order. Hence, the average buying cycle ranges from anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks.

With this as the context, it is very important for Bajaao as a brand to keep the user engaged during this time period and beyond. Conventional channels such as email and display restrict their ability to reach out to users and this is what triggered the idea of exploring browser notifications as a medium to touch upon users and customers.

Bajaao is a lean business with a 3 people marketing team managing CRM, email marketing, social and PPC campaigns. The underlying need was clear right from Day 0 - Solutions which can scale with time and allow us a lean marketing team to automate bulk of communication.



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Acquiring Subscribers and Building a Sustainable Base

Bajaao started off building their marketing list using iZooto’s Shopify App. The app ensures 1 click activation - without any coding or development efforts. Within a span of 12 weeks Bajaao had gathered over 20,000+ subscribers - a chunk sizeable enough.



"Our strategy with web push notifications has been simple - Engage, retarget, retain. We have done multiple experiments testing out communication on different user segments. iZooto allows us to track each campaign at a great depth and also use the response feedback for the next campaign."

- Shubham Sharma, Digital Marketing Head



Tailored Content Drives Engagement

Bajaao started pushing campaigns regularly right after they implemented iZooto. With CTR’s 25x of Email and average display campaigns, the repeat traffic increased significantly. These engagement campaigns focused on discounts, new products and price drop alerts for newly acquired subscribers and also to broadcast to the entire subscriber base. The underlying idea was simple - present users with contextual information.

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Bajaao bagged an additional revenue which was north of $11K within just 3 months of implementing web push notifications. This increased their overall revenue in that quarter for more than 15%!


Triggered Retargeting Campaigns for Abandoned Cart Users

Starting July 2017, in a big product update, Shopify rolled out checkout on custom domain. Until this, choice of retargeting was limited to AdRoll, Facebook or Google Display. With this update and over 20K Subscribers, the next key task was to set up web push retargeting campaigns for users abandoning shopping carts.



“iZooto offers powerful segmentation capabilities which ensured that we could identify and target users depending upon their position in the conversion funnel. The objective here was simple - nudging users sitting at the bottom of the funnel and driving conversions."

-Shubham Sharma, Digital Marketing Head



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Given the longer duration of buying cycle, a series of triggered and automated campaigns were set up - depending upon when a cart was abandoned. With the help of the design and content teams, the communication for each campaign was carefully drafted to ensure that they are laser-focused and contextual for that very audience set.

With 3 automated campaigns focused on nothing but retargeting abandoned carts, a 14% increase to revenue was observed and effectively the the total number of transactions via iZooto almost tripled!


Revamped Real Time Retargeting Campaigns Produce Great Results

Given the massive impact on revenue of retargeting efforts, the team immediately switched on the option to target users in real time and not after 24 hours. Once again, the right emotions were triggered with contextual content and an equally relatable image making these campaigns get an average of 10% CTR.


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This change - from daily retargeting campaigns to real time retargeting campaigns alone increased the number of transactions from web push notifications by 34% while the assisted conversions too topped the charts leaving email and display behind!



In a very efficient manner, we have been able to set up automated campaigns that are helping us not only solve cart abandonment directly but also improve the time to conversion. Impact on revenue of all these efforts has been significant.”

- Shubham Sharma, Digital Marketing Head



Personalized Triggered Drip Hits Home

iZooto kick-started the feature called playbooks with Bajaao. Playbooks are essentially a series of drip campaigns with personalized content. Since the beauty of these playbooks apart from the automation was the ability to incorporate exactly what was left in the cart by the user, it did not take long for the impact to be seen.

Not only did the conversion rate shoot up by a whopping 93% but this also increased iZooto’s contribution in terms of revenue by a solid 67%! These campaigns were getting the maximum traction when compared against all other campaigns pushed via iZooto with the average conversion rate being 11x of the site average! Apart from this, these campaigns also assisted in over 1500 transactions proving that its impact throughout the buying cycle of a user.

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Driving Consistent Performance At Scale

Conversions coming out of iZooto are 5x when compared with paid campaigns. Currently, contributing to almost 4.5% of total sales, web push notifications as a channel has been hugely successful with Bajaao as it is scaling effectively with the positive curve of subscriber growth. From sale alerts to price drops to product announcements, the marketing team at Bajaao has leveraged iZooto superbly to amp up their overall sales.

Our conversions are at an all time high and we had just started with this feature. I am personally excited about this channel and as a business and team we see ourselves investing more energy on scaling this further. Great experience with iZooto’s Shopify app and support team.

-Shubham Sharma, Digital Marketing Head

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