Biba, the market leader in women’s Indian attire wanted a non-traditional solution to be able to reach out and retarget their website traffic. With iZooto, Biba transformed their marketing strategy focusing exclusively on contextual notifications for their interested and engaged audience. The success was such that it led to a 11x ROI within a couple of months!


Market Leader in Women’s Indian Attire

When it comes to choosing a stylish yet comfortable and economical Indian traditional attire, Biba is the first name that pops up in the minds of all women in the country and at times even in the rest of the word. Born in a home, where the maker believed in combining the different styles of Indian wear across the country, Biba has stayed true to its origin and provided a much-loved outlook even to the youngsters when it came to ethnic wear.


Retargeting Abandoned Cart and Users Who Abandon Product Pages

The marketing team at Biba relied heavily on email and display campaigns for retargeting purposes. However, with the rise in spam filters and ad blockers, they noticed that these campaigns were starting to lose its spark as and when time passed. Tracking and getting in touch with those visitors who abandon their shopping carts or abandon a product page itself was starting to get exponentially difficult. Looking at other options besides the conventional channels, the team at Biba decided to give web push notifications a try. 



Conversion Rate


Return on Investment 


Total Sales from iZooto


Tailored Content Hits the Right Emotions

Pushing campaigns on a regular basis, Biba focussed on 2 important elements - driving the appropriate emotions for the ‘ethnic attire hungry’ crowd especially during the festive season and, increasing sales by banking on these campaigns. The content team paid special attention in drafting the notifications to make sure that it entices the subscriber and acts as the right kind of trigger for him/her to make a purchase. These campaigns were about discounts, price drop alerts, offers, fresh collection arrivals, et al. They leveraged on every occasion/special day and gauged the mood of their subscribers incredibly aptly with a well-catered catalog and the right kind of messaging.

Subscribers who visited the sale section during mother’s day was targeted separately. 


engagement filter

engagement notification

The power of these contextual campaigns is such that on a daily basis Biba roughly gets around 15-20 transactions with an average order value of around 25,000 INR from iZooto. This alone contributes to 7% of their total monthly sales.



We were blown with the initial success itself! This channel performed better than our paid campaigns.

- Kanishka Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager



Driving More Sales with Retargeting Campaigns

With the broadcast campaigns driving a healthy inflow of repeat traffic and subsequent conversions, the Customer Success Team at iZooto helped the marketing team at Biba to set up the retargeting campaigns solely for the abandoned cart users. The correct set of filters were applied and the content team at Biba created the perfect draft to bring the user back to the website.

Users abandoning their carts in the last 24 hours were reminded about the decreasing stock thus creating a sense of urgency.


retargeting filter

retargeting notification


These retargeting campaigns worked like a charm with 2x the conversion rates when compared to the broadcast campaigns.


Retargeitng campaigns working like a charm

These retargeting campaigns worked like a charm with 2x the conversion rates when compared to the broadcast campaigns. Adding an additional 80,000 INR on an average, Biba gets almost a 11x monthly ROI and there is no looking back.

Biba, as it scales up, has been able to effectively engage with their website traffic and create another marketing channel to get in more conversions. As iZooto gears to roll up personalized notifications (currently live only for Shopify stores), it is pretty evident that the former would gain from this in a mammoth way and add at least 3x the number of current transactions.

An awesome team that has opened the doors to a whole new marketing channel! Excited to see the performance as we scale up.

Kanishka Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager

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